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Absolutely No Regrets (humannature) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 19:56:00
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    Hey Blurty people whats happenin? By the way, i named this entry pilot because when a tv show airs its very first episode its called a pilot....just in case no one knew that. Anyway decided to keep a journal i guess. Sort of supposed to be a therapy type thing for myself. I used to see a therapist but my mom said i was "better" and she didnt wanna pay for it anymore. But i dont think ive changed at all. I just got smarter. Cookie (my therapist) taught me how to lie better and be more manipulative. She's the shit. Yea i can see why my mom thought i got "better" though. You wanna hear something sister sees her now and she was supposed to have an appointment yesterday but Cookie had to cancel because one of her patients...super glued her eyelids together. Can you believe that.
    Well i gotta jet now cause an all new Friends is about to come on. Damn Friends is the shit. Its gonna suck so bad when it goes off the air.

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2003-03-15 20:20 (link)
I used to go to a Therapist and then my mom said I was "better" too, the weekend after that I decided to take a lot of drugs with my friend Candi and go "play" along the Train tracks out in the middle of nowhere. It seemed like a kick ass idea at the time. Running along the train tracks, standing in front of Trains as they would come, and jumping outta the way at that last possible was such a rush. This one Train track was high up kinda on the slope of this mountain... I don't know if you have ever been that close to Train tracks but this one had kinda like a little ditch between the Tracks, and I was kinda feeling a bit tired so I decided to lay inbetween the Train tracks and take a lil nappy, the next thing I heard was the sound of a Train coming down the tracks, I was really outta it so I didn't realize that this Train was on the Tracks, I started hearing my friend Candi yelling to me about the Train I opened up my eyes and 5 seconds later the Train litterly went right over me. Thank god that I was in a ditch, so then Train didn't crush me, I could have been fucking toast that shit was scary as hell. The next day I admitted myself to rehab...craziness. I don't know why I commented really just thought I'd share that experience with ya, might find it amusing or something...

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Re: Therapy
2003-03-16 14:05 (link)
Well I don't know what it's like to hangout by train tracks but that sounds pretty cool. You must've got a huge rush from that.

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Re: Therapy
2003-03-16 14:20 (link)
OoOo yea I did. No more drugs for me, lol well not hardcore neways, JUST SAY NO lmao. ;)

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