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*BaMbInÅ G!U$t!Na* (hugs_and_baci) wrote,
@ 2004-09-04 13:22:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:SwEeT16 Cd::april 2

    FrIdAy NiGhTt...
    Yesterday, despite what bambino thought, I actually went out- so ha!lol
    It was italian night at a beach club in new rochelle that my momz friend belongs to. So me and lucia went. First we went in the pool and were there for a while. BUT on the way to the pool me and luc were walking there and a guy came out of these doors and heard me say "i dont like stripping infront of people."-LmFaO!! cuz we had our bathing suits on under our cloths and i dont like people STARE at me when i take my cloths off w/the bikini on under it and thats what i ment. haha that was *classic*. Then we went back to the cabana and got changed when mIo BaMbInO called me. we talked for a while. Lucia thought I was ignoring her, so I got off the phone with him. Then this morning I got a voice mail from BaMbInO tell me that he was at new roc till 12 and he didn't think I was at the beach club that late ((and I was there till almost 12:30am-so ha))and he said he might not call me today and stuff. He deffinitly sounded drunk. I must have details-lol. SSso, anyway, after me and lucia got dressed we went back to the food area and I had my usual-> chicken fingers and fries<- and lucia went over to see nicole ((BrAnDoN's MoMmY-> brandon is so cute!)) and her brother larry. So I was about to eat my chicken fingers when I realized I didn’t have ketchup, so I went over to get some and this table full of guys were looking at me and I was wearing my Corona hoodie and one of the guys in a black ginnyT(or how ever u spell it) says "I love corona" and I keep on walking cuz I want my ketchup and then I walk back passed them again and the guy in the black ginnyT points to his friend wearing a black shirt and a black sweat band thingie and says "he thinks ur pretty" and I said "oHh thank you, you're pretty too." And then I walk to go back to my food and the guys were all "oHh oHhh"-> like the way guys are. So yea then me and lucia walk around the place a few times and then me meet up with the guy who I told was pretty. And he was all "hey whats ur name" so I told him and his name is now New Friend Anthony. I make new friends everywhere, im so cool-haha-> And hez 16 and was not a member of the club, he was just with people. He wasn’t that bad looking. And then he said if u see me later, we'll hang out. So I said okay. Then me and lucia walked around some more and we saw our new friend getting food, but didn’t stop or anything and that was the last time we saw new friend Anthony. I'm a little mad at him yet at the same time very proud of him cuz hez the first new friend that did not ask for my number. Weeee, so yea then after a while me and luc just sat at a table. OhhHh and I got to talk to new friend Tom on Larryz phone cuz larry was talking to Tom and he gave me the phone and I talked to new friend Tom. Next time I see new friend Tom he said he'd wear his Navy uniform. He has nice arms too, oHhH and I'm gonna wear the hat-hEheHe! Good times and then at maybe 12:20ish we left and I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00am. So that was my night.

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2004-09-05 04:25 (link)
We talkd for a WHILE?? Do i ONLY mean FIFTEEN minutes to u :-/.........and i guess i DO have the BEST timing :-D, but im VERY upset u didnt ell me u were changing

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2004-09-05 13:24 (link)
nOo Bambino- u mean 56minz and 53 seconds to me-lolz i luv u!!

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2004-09-05 04:28 (link)
You are OFFICIALY dangerous now that you didnt go to bed until 1

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2004-09-05 13:24 (link)
ohh yea watch out for me now-> OnE in tHe mOrNinG!

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