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*BaMbInÃ… G!U$t!Na* (hugs_and_baci) wrote,
@ 2004-08-13 11:10:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    LaSt NiTe...
    so i picked up lucia at 5:30ish and we went to new roc and then a few minz later lana called me cuz she was here too and then we met up with chris and joe. Walking out of the big enterence thingie i saw Joey, Laura's brother with Dasiey (and i dont care what anyone says Laura and Dasiey look exactly the same). So, Chris and Joe, and Lucia didnt really want to see The Princess Diaries2, but we all did anyway cuz i thought it looked cute. so we're online and Joe offers to pay for me and he did((aWwW)) and then we saw the movie and it was soo corny. omg it was such a little kids movie! but it looked cute on the commercials. dam commercials, they're so decieving!! so it was like 8:00 when the movie was over and then we just hung out the rest of the time. soo yeaa thats it. thank u and good night. hugs and baci

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2004-08-13 16:23 (link)
Sounds like you had oodles of fun and it was a night to remember

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