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mmm (hqconverter) wrote,
@ 2010-11-01 11:48:00
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    How to Convert Powerpoint to Videos?
    PowerPoint Video Converter

    convert powerpoint presentation to video, converting powerpoint to video

    PowerPoint Video Converter, an all-inclusive and powerful converter, could helps us to achieve various kinds of conversion. The powerpoint VIdeo Converter could convert Powerpoint into MP4,AVI,MPEG,Flash and other video formats. Besides, the quality of the conversion is excellent. Since the the conversion of Powerpoint Video Converter is loseless conversion, which will never change or destroy the effect of the PPT files and could show the PPT files to others authentically.

    The Features of Powerpoint Video Converter

    It is an user-friendly converter that it provides various types of language in order to facilitate the different users.

    It is powerful converter that it supports the conversion of many popular video formats.

    It supports loseless convert ion so that the effect of the PPT files will be shown authentically.

    It allows the users to add their own unique originality to the files through the function of customize.

    It could convert the files in a very short time so that the users did not need too much to wait for the completion of the conversion.

    Supported Formats and Playable Device

    Powerpoint to AVI video

    Powerpoint to EXE

    Powerpoint to WMV (Windows Mobile)

    Powerpoint to SWF

    Powerpoint to MP4 (iPod, iPhone,iPad, .Apple Tv, PSP,PS3,etc)

    Powerpoint to MPEG 4 (HD video, RMP,etc)

    Powerpoint to DGP (Wii and DS)

    Powerpoint to Xbox (asf, avi,mpq.wmv)

    How to Use Powerpoint Video Converter?

    Step 1. After Installation, run the software and click the "Add" button in the main interface to add the powerpoint files you want to convert.

    Step 2. In the Profile area, click the down-arrow button to choose the output video format for output.

    Step 3. In the corresponding Video and Audio quality drop down list, you can choose the options to set your output video qualities.

    Step 4. Click the open folder button at the bottom of Output area to select the folder for your converted files. Then click the "Start" button at the right bottom to begin to convert powerpoint to video now.

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How to Convert Blu Ray to MPEG Quickly?
2012-01-04 20:30 (link)
convert blue ray is designed for for backup your favorite Blu-ray DVD movie to your computer by converting Blu-ray DVD to SD video formats, such as AVI, DivX, XviD, DVD, WMV, MPEG4 MOV, MKV, FLV, with almost 1:1 quality, but just only 10% size.
Have you been looking for a suitable blu ray to mpeg application program? If so, just have a try of this Blu Ray to MPEG converter, you will find Converting Blu Ray to MPEG can be so easy.
Blu ray to MPEG converter is a very perfect converter which can not only convert blu ray to mpeg2, but can also convert Blue Ray to other formats such as xbox 360 , divx , xvid, psp, ps3 , wmv, mov, mp4, avi, mpeg , mkv, mov, and so on.
convert blu ray to mpeg4 is the best converer at present, it is with powerful functions, which can make its conversion be finished with superfast speed, besides, it also provide you with edit function, by which you may customize the video to your owns.
Now, there are more and more people are finding a easy way to convert blu ray to vob, to meet these needs, We want to introduce a powerful Blu Ray to VOB converter, with which you can convert Blu Ray to VOB in such a easy way that you are able to convert Blu Ray to VOB by just cliking several buttons and manage to finish your conversion without any problem.
If you happenly want to convert blu ray to wmv I suggest this Blue Ray DVD converter, which can not convert Blu Ray to WMV, but can also convert Blu Ray to most of other formats, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised about it.
convert blu ray to Xvid is the easiest to use Blu-ray to Xvid converter software available.

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