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mending|the|wounds (how_lovely) wrote,
@ 2004-03-24 10:42:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:washing machine

    searching for the cure
    it's strange how satan works. he works through people to try and tear us down. he wants us to feel like we are nothing and that we have failed. he picks at our brains and disects every little part until he can find that one thing that he knows will just eat us alive.

    he's trying to get to me again, through the way he could before. i have to be stronger this time. i can't let him manipulate my brain. he fills it with thoughts of regret, worthlessness, failing.

    i know i tried my best. there are just some relationships in life that you aren't meant to keep. i feel that these relationships that i did have were just dragging me down and keeping me from becoming who i am today.

    they say that i've hurt them and that i'm such a hypocrite, yada yada yada.....barf. that's crap. i know that i tried so hard to keep some sort of relationship with them, but they couldn't accept the person that i have become. they say that i'm the one that has been wrong every time, it's all of my fault for everything that has happened.

    i'm over that part of my life. i have moved on, and i have left you all behind.

    you will not destroy me.


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2004-03-24 12:36 (link)
i'm sick of him too! i would say don't let things eat you alive. but that would be hypocritical of me. i don't have any comforting words to tell you. i just wanted to let you know i am here for you. i always come and complain about everything to you. and i feel like i'm not opening to door for you. but it's open, dude. anytime. and i mean that. k?
it's gotta get better! trust ya bub. :)

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2004-03-25 23:31 (link)

well it was really nice to see you today i wish i was around more often cause your probably one of my best friends i think you and josh would be there for me anytime i needed, and i want you to know as little as a help as i could be i am there for you. you and josh are such a part of my life and have been a true blessing to me i keep a picture of you 2 infront of my desk so i see it all the time, just to remind me of the many blessings God gives us, and to show me that in your darkes tim e of need there will always be someone there and he will give you a rope to get out of whatever mess your in, whitnay you and josh have been my rope you came at a time when i needed people the most and i thank you for that i love you 2 so much..\greg/

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your self portrait
2004-03-27 20:29 (link)
beatlejuice!! beatlejuice!! beatlejuice!!

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2004-04-07 20:24 (link)
Your post rings true to me. I know the pain that comes along with deciding to end a relationship. My husband's poor choices left me with no option, and though it was hard to accept that others would judge me (and my faith) because of my choice to leave him behind with the sinful lifestyle he has chosen, Christ enabled me to make that decision and move forward.

Don't allow the enemy to eat at you for your decisions. What's done is done. Keep looking forward!

come visit me.
:) shannon

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2004-04-08 19:32 (link)
hey. thanx alot for commenting. where are you from?

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2004-04-15 16:36 (link)
I'm in Columbus, OH. Where art thou?

:) shannon

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2004-04-15 22:22 (link)
a tiny little town called middleport, ohio
just moved here in january, my husband
got a job here as a youth minister.

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2004-04-21 21:28 (link)
It sounds familiar. Where did you come from?

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2004-04-22 16:40 (link)
a small town madison, indiana
my husband is from manassas, virginia....near DC

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