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Monika (hottie53) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 22:37:00
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    guyz r dumb
    i just got out of a 7 month relationship a month from dec 15.on on that day this guy asked me out, he was a sweetie so i said yes. a week later i realize that he is not my type of guy. he follows me around like a lil dog, his breath stunk, and i found out he wore a thong for "dance" he bought me a xmas gift even b4 we started going out. i was beggining to think he was desperate and didnt see him the way i had b4. he also felt the tension but didnt seem to realize that i was sarting to avoid him so he kept buying me things to keep me interested. i didnt want to be mean/rude and dump him b4 or on xmas day so i decided to wait till a few days after xmas. so the day came when i began to write the ending email. but his best friend made me talk it through wit him first, so i did. he was trying to convince me to stay wit the guy but i decided agaisnt it. when we were done he told me that the guy i was sitting there the whole time reading every word i wrote down. so i got together wit him the next day to talk it through and he still didnt get the point. he thinks that the only reason i dumped him was bcuz i wasnt ready for a new relationship after my 7 month one. when i clearly told him that i wasnt feeling the connectin ne more. so he tol dme that he is already looking forward to later on in the yr when i plan to start dating again that he will be the first on my list. i don tknow how to break it to him bcuz hes so ignorant and jus doesnt get it! so wat ive learned from this is most guyz are incredibly stupid! and thats how its gonna stay unless theres somthing u can do or say that will change my point of view.

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