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kari (hotlikeyurdog) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 17:26:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:All in good time; Mindless

    Well, I figured I should update while I have a chance.

    Wow, A lot has happened lately kind of. =/

    First off friday we went to premier and it was gay. No one was there, I havent been there in ages. I think since maybe in june with julie. Since no one was there, we played video games for 3 hours. "We" refering to me and mallary. Then we came home and Mallary talked to Camiel all fucking night, but it was alright.

    Saturday was Laurens party. It was a blast. Oh and Happy Birthday Lauren :D that was a little late but it's okay. Well her house was fun. And on Sunday me rach, and lauren went to lakeside and boy oh boy did we find some great deals. lol that was great.

    Monday I didnt go to school ;D. Because I had a dentist appointment so I didn't have to go to school at all that day. But last night it was mad crazy. Alan, who most of you know I have had many problems with and we hated eachother, but anyways he imed me last night and was talking to me lke we were tight, and I thought he might be stoned or something, not knowing who he was talking to but it turns out he was just in a good mood. So we settled our differences and we're buddies now. which is cool I guess.

    TODAY, I brought the digital camera to school and mal took a picture of justin for me but we were upstairs and he was walking down the stairs so it's blurry and you can't quite see him too well. Ughhhhhhh he's so hott. I'm going to rape him one day. But i got ohme and Justin was online so i was like "can I be 14 on your friends list?"
    And he was like "sure can." So he didnt hate me for a few seconds and we were all tight in what not but then of course I had to send him his picture. And he was all like "WTF?! YOU STALK ME!" So I ruined it. :( oh well. I'm still on his friends list. #14

    On Halloween everyone should go to Landslide to see Blind leads nakid, and Jump Plug of which Justin is the drummer of <3 I'm going unless we decide to go to julies house. But if i dont go to her house then everyone can go to landslide and Julie will be with me. And of course everyone wants to see julie :).

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2003-10-29 15:36 (link)
fuck yeah everyone wants to see me. <3 but i think you shold comehere, and we can go see For THe Best play. cuz oh man i want josh like no other.! <3 peace out pal .

<3 ur sugar cube. julie

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OhHh jeEz
2003-10-30 15:22 (link)
umm i dont think anyone would wanna see julie.......and if they did theyd haveta be out of their mind!!!! lmao..:D

<33 yo baby mama!!!

*.oh by the way i dont care for a matter of fact i dont think anyone does ah haha.*

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Re: OhHh jeEz
2003-11-02 14:15 (link)
Wow, for an overweight cow you sure have a lot to say. Espically for someone who doesnt know Julie Elizabeth Adams whatso ever. i bet you didnt even know that was my name. Do you have that little of confidence that you have to go around talking about me like that. Because, i don't think you could name one thing that i have done to you. oh wait.. i take that back, im better looking than you, but please dont hate on me for that. I can't help it. Jenny Craig can help you out if you are really that low. Now, that i've said all that. Lets see you talk about me. And, i i ever see you. come say it to my face. yes bitch, to my face, you think your some hot shot. Well, show me up. Lets go. Just, no physical fighting until you've lost tat extra 40 pounds and arent extremely over weight. I don't want to die with a fat girl on me. Thanks! i love you darling. Have wet dreams about me. oh yeah, and try not to be a slut. Just, try. <3 Julie :)

;oh you know it

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Re: OhHh jeEz
2003-11-02 15:06 (link)
Julie and you have our differences yes....there is not one thing that i could possibly be jealous of when were talkin about you especially that so called pretty face of yours...i will make sure the next time i see you ill let you know how i feel about you to your face!!! And as for you saying i go around talkin about you..please hunnie believe me i dont jus because i dont like you doesnt mean i talk about you "all the time".I may not know alot about you but I just do not like you i find u extremely annoying and thats that!!! thats my opion dont take it so personal. And if anything you made ur self look more of the ass you are by saying shit about me. woOo im cryin now it hurt. i could really give a shit about you or what you have to say. so well leave it at that i dont like you and you dont like me....and if you feel the need to do anything about that u come talk to me instead of in ur cousins journal..and im SURE we can work sumthin out:D

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