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Sairy Black, Black-Star (hooves_black) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 15:11:00
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    Current mood: mischievous
    Current music:Get Free-The Vines

    whats been up with me
    Jason has a journal now : pawface
    haha he needs to update it but oh well*sighs* I can't wait to cause some trouble, I'm getting really rather bored.

    Sarah's a werewolf, shes cool though, only half, I found out where she was with Jason...we didn't get caught though of course :) we used the invisblity cloak and i am amazed how animals are able to communicate.
    A werewolf, A sibbearian white Tiger, and a Black Stallion. This is great! I think
    Sarahs cool. Her and Jason are my best of friends ;) harrys cool also. He doesn't know though about me being able to become an animgus. ;) Sarah hides out in the shreeking shack when its a full moon. Jason and I have walkie-talkies that i created that aren't really make any noise except for the scribbling of the noise of writting in my own code based on ancient languages... good luck reading it... its like a letter walkie talkie thing, really magnificent and I love using it :) really amazing... I made that this summer. I get around alot of things... just like my cd player... 0.0 and my muggle soda bombs i have bewitched these soda drinks that contain themselves in cans, when i shake and open it explodes with more pressure then usual... life is great im so proud :)

    Sarah has a journal too werewolf_sarah

    I added Ashley Malfoy. She's not as bad as Draco. I'm just planning muggle soda bombs attack on hogwarts... well predicting ... *smiles mischeviously*

    Damn when I'm good , I'm good. I gave Peeves some Fire crackers... Life is way better than before.

    I had to explain to Sirius what a cd player is... hes a furry toliet thats how much respect hes going to proably gain because im not sure students respect their teachers that well... I certainly do not respect Snape... giving me detention cuz of my last name...damn long pathetic grudge... Really rather annoying... <--Sirius

    ~*Sairy Black, Black-Star*~
    well im dancing like an insane monkey to my loud music :)

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(Reply from suspended user)

2003-07-31 21:52 (link)
haha acool

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(Reply from suspended user)

2003-07-31 15:53 (link)
OOC: Jason's one of my other rpg charcters I use for harry potter...damn i read the book so depressing Sirius is dead..ahh well atleast in rpg land he was brought back to life...strange eh? lol

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2003-08-01 21:07 (link)
Firework fireworks hahaha HA!

Wonder if I shoot one over Snape if he's hair will catch on fire for being so greasy!!!!! *rolls in the air luaghing*

uh oh! Aneres heard me! GOTTA FLY! Back Death Angel! BACK!

OOC: The wonder of a char that can bring the dead to life.

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2003-08-02 17:16 (link)
yea... hahaha lol...

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