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heather (honwheels) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 09:29:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:none

    omg camp was awesome. besides for the strict rules, and boring activities, it was the best time ever. me and mindy made like 5792478 guy friends there and they were SOOO COOL. and i got asked to the dance by collin and that was amazingly hott. omg, kevin told me on the last day, that even if kevin didn't talk to collin about the dance, collin said he would have asked me ANYWAYS!!!! i feel so special. mindy went with john. john the afi-dude. it was cool because he sang with us at kareoke and at the dance when they played the song, of which the DJ faded out stupidly, because it was almost over. oh and wow, you can't forget the poetry lady. man she was hotttttt..... RIGGHHHTTTT. i hope they don't bring her back next year. our skit was cool, but elvis was better. they were all like 'elvis is hott' 'elvis, i can't wait to see elvis!'. so special. the hayride sucked. thats all there is to say about that. our cookie was cool, being a guitar and all.

    random quotes from camp:
    * i wonder where he lives..?
    * maybe they are lez!
    * i live on earth, eat food, and drink liquid.
    * one time.. i swallowed a quarter!
    * i had a dog once, but it played in the street.
    * ahem. cough. ahem. --said by random people when collin was near me.
    * i used to think a date was like.. going to a park and going up and elevator!
    * hey col-err-heather. --said by collin (he is obviously oblivious)

    ok that is all i can think of. i'm quite sure there was tons more. but i am also as oblivious as collin is, and i can't think of no more. but uhm yes, all-in-all camp was wonderful. i need to go again NOW. g2g. BYE!!

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2003-07-26 11:22 (link)
my goodness Hevvie it was wonderful!!!!! <333

Collin and i agreed that camp should be for the whole summer. ALL OF IT.

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