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Morghan (morghanx) wrote in honorablebdsm,
@ 2004-08-29 16:25:00
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    Welcome to Honorable BDSM!
    The purpose of this community is to bring together individuals who I feel have a similar perspective on BDSM to my own. I will include Doms, Dommes, and any submissives who seem to hold the same basic philosophy. What that philosophy is will be harder to describe.
    Since it is my project, I will be moderating all newcomers and all initial posts. My word is the final word. This community is invitation only, and all posts will be locked after the initial introduction. To join the community, you must contact me at

    There will be directed threads on various topics relating to BDSM. Often these will come from conversations I’ve had with individuals who are seeking perspective and information.

    Personal ads are accepted so long as it is not trolling. Sincere people have difficulty meeting in this lifestyle. I hope to create a tiny corner of the net where the likelihood of compatibility is significantly higher than all the pay sites floating around on the net.

    This is NOT a porn community. Please do not post erotic stories or photos here. If you have some good material and want to share it, do so directly with the individuals who are interested. Non-pornographic photography or information such as event listings are ok.

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