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kasia (hollisterqt1213) wrote,
@ 2004-10-26 11:29:00
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    one thing ive learned is people never change.
    once a liar always a liar, and believe me i've known tons of them in my life time and if i had an oppurtunity to be a whistle blower, i would but im not going to do that. i think people can figure it out for themselves. speaking of which, it's funny cus my ex used to have that ftj website, but weirdly he doesn't anymore, but he has tons more online saying he's single and how he would donate money to aids funds with a million dollars. well, at least he's looking out for his future i guess. im serious, there is no one in the world who i hate more than him. who hasnt he slept with is the question. and he doesnt care, fat skinny whatever he has no preference as long as its ass. i wish i would have left him long ago for merrick. but i was too naive to think that he would constantly be calling to kill himself. and yet i got all those phonecalls, i thought the best way to end things would be just to slowly drift away, spring break gave me that oppurtunity. and i found out how there are so many better people out there that sticking with someone that would be so low. what's more disgusting is he can sleep with someone and all the peopel they know with out thinking twice. and he can sleep with somene that he's called fat to me so many times while i was dating him saying things like oh, she's kinda cute in the face but her body is just grooss. ha, and those were his exact same words. well, in my opinion, hes happy, cus if he doesnt have the option of birth control he can just fuck her in the stomach, and get the same pleasure cus it's big enough... i know im mean, but i have every right to be mean to pathological liars.

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