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Ron Weasley (ronald_weasley) wrote in hogwartsish_rp,
@ 2003-01-26 11:24:00
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    Current mood:blah

    ANNOUNCEMENT! OOC, of course.

    Hi there, kiddies. I'm glad to announce that we have a new Fred and George RPer. :D The username is prof_prankster. So, please remove troubletimestwo if you haven't already. Thanks.

    Another thing; we have a new Draco RPer! So keep drakemalfoy on your friends lists.

    I know that a lot of you want to RP so.. could you all just maybe go on AIM today? I'll be on chudleyfan or i did ron today, so you can IM me on either one of those two (preferably i did ron because I might sign off of chudleyfan for a little while). ;) We don't HAVE to RP today -- I'd just like to talk to the lot of you. If we can get enough of you wanting to RP at the same time, we'll most likely be able to have a session in a chatroom. This okay with you, Jo? :D

    What else do I want to address... k. Don't be shy! You can have your own roleplaying sessions without mods there; just talk to another member, do it out in an IM or in a chatroom and if you do, try to post it. Isn't that hard! So therefore, your characters will have something to write and we won't be inactive. Whee.

    That's about it. Contact me with any questions.

    - Aimee

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2003-01-26 13:25 (link)
I like sort of forgot to give an IM didn't I?

Prof prankster or Melilotwithsugar (first one most likely)

Maybe I can make it later tonight *nodnod* would be fun to at least get to meet all the muns, or something...

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