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Hippo and Rhino (hipponrhino) wrote,
@ 2004-06-11 22:33:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Milkshake (don't ask why)

    my life~
    bored, tired, angry, depressed...thats my life right now. Blah. Bored cuz theres nothing to do, tired cuz i got up early and chased kids around all day...whoop...angry cuz logans in mexico without me and cuz i started my period, and depressed cuz i'm not with my baby boy.......Gah i miss you so much baby! I love you and I hope u know that!! Oh and the next time i come to your house i will TRUST ME when i say this i will find those pix of my u took last night and delete them!!!!!!!!! Cuz i'm evil like that! lol well baby i gotta get up early in the morning so i'm gonna get to bed....grr i want u to sing to me like normal *sigh* ur gone tho..I love you baby boy...I really do I can't wait to marry you, its crazy isn't it. The first time i talked to you all i was doing was being a dumbass and acting stupid and now i'm in love with you hoping to marry you really soon. lol what was it that u first thought of me when we first talked on the phone??? Honestly~? Like i was all peppy and annoying to see what you'd do or think, so what did u think lol i'm scared to hear this answer but whenever u can answer that okay? I love you and when u get back I'll have gotten my paycheck...YAY..i love you...i love you I love you.....Goodnight baby boy!

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