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Mari (hiaslilprincess) wrote,
@ 2002-12-29 11:47:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music: TuPac ft. Bone Thugs - Thug Luv

    Heii guys. Well yesterday I went to da movies again... and I went wif Melissa, muh brother, Kenny and Ari... We sortah had fun it was kold as fuk. Newho I saw Miguel ::Like always::, Eddie, Chris, Karina, Stanly, Larry, Amanda, Krystalyn ..omg imma stop naiiming lolz Okaii we paid to see Drumline and in the theater there where no seats so we got muh money bak. Me, Melissa, and muh brother ate at Blimpie's... then we went to Jonny Rockets to chill wif Miguel Eddie and Chris ::watch them eat:: Then Kenny gave us a ride home =)

    History bout muh Naiim ::::

    Your first name of Mari has given you energy, drive, and ambition, but also an almost excessively strong-willed and independent nature. While you are creative, inventive, and ingenious in practical matters, and always ready to initiate and promote new undertakings, you often experience difficulty in bringing your undertakings to a successful conclusion because of your own changing interests or changing circumstances. You become intensely involved with everything you plan to do, but the stress arising from frustrating obstacles or misunderstandings with others could prompt you to be intolerant and sarcastic in your expression, with breakdowns in congenial relations with family and friends a possible end result. Any emotional outbursts or moods would register as tension in your solar plexus, resulting in nervous indigestion and related problems. Tension could also centre in the head affecting the eyes, ears, sinuses, or teeth. True relaxation and peace of mind are elusive under this name.

    buh bye


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2002-12-29 11:49 (link)
i luff your name

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