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Caitlin (hersheykiss89) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 20:46:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:"I Am My Own Best Friend"-Chicago

    Ok im goin take a quiz in this. I dont think that anyone reads these?? Do they? comment me if you read any of my quizzes lol

    yup.. im a mom in the play.. yet in my solo i sing about how i lie to guys who are meanwhile lieing to me. AND I'm singing it to my kids. What about the dad?? What kind of mother am I?!?!?!

    im goin try somethiong differant tomarrow during class... mabye itll help me.. although its going against Bernadette Peter's law of acting lol but ill ditch it later bernadette.. don't worry!! lol as if shes reading it.. but hey things can happen..
    lol kellie the drunk people i am nto sure now if im going or not we'll see tomarrow
    hey I cant wait till u guys come to swim ;)
    yup right now im just watching home run derby and typing.. hmm i think ill take the quiz now!!

    B A S i C Q U E S T i O N S
    [ my name is ]- caitlin
    [ my nicknames are ]- too many to list
    [ all i need is ]- love.. love is all ya need!...... oh yea and food and water and air
    [ love is ]- a feeling shared between two people
    [ if i could see one person right now ]- hmmm jeter jimmy fallon clay or keanu
    [ im afraid of ]-losing myself or others
    [ i dream about ]- practically everything! mostly my crushes

    W i T H T H E O P P O S i T E S E X . . .
    [ what do you notice first? ]- the first things? probobly their eys. I believe that eyes tell a LOT about a person. I look deep insidde.. if I get lost.. then.. well thats a good thang ;) lol
    [ last person you danced with ]-sadly.. that guy from camp.. you no.. wuts-his-name
    [ last kiss ]- and first.. the first dude from camp

    W H O . . .
    [ makes you laugh the most? ]- jimmy fallon, chris kattan, will ferrel, kellie, jenna
    [ makes you smile ]- more people
    [ gives you a funny feeling when you see them ]- couf couf a person couf couf
    [ has a crush on you ]- i dunno.. anyone? anyone? ok nobody does
    [ easier to talk to: boys or girls? ]- it totally depends on the person and their personality.. not their genders

    W H O W A S T H E L A S T P E R S O N . . .
    [ you talked to ]- my mom
    [ hugged ]- my mom lol
    [ you instant messaged ]- melanie
    [ you laughed with ]- uhhhhhh kellie and jenna at the lessony thingy

    M O R E Q U E S T i O N S . . .
    [ i want ]- to be a famous actress!!
    [ i love ]- my family and my crushes.. i would say i loved my friends but.. yeaaa
    [ i miss ]- nobody.. hmmm o yea ezgi.. i miss ya!!
    [ i fear ]- death and heights and lossing others and myself
    [ i hear ]- the tv
    [ i wonder ]- where ill be in the next 20 years

    S E V E N T H I N G S Y O U L O V E T O D O
    -laugh so hard milk comes out of your nose
    -just to be on a stage, acting
    -hearing that wonderful applause at the end of a show
    -listen to showtunes
    -watch movies or a play/musical
    -go to nyc or travel sumwhere
    -hang out with friends

    S E V E N T H I N G S / P E O P L E T H A T A N N O Y Y O U

    Im putting the peoples anitials dpwn just in case anny questions.. just im me!
    -Cat Woman
    -people who wont leave you alone
    -things that hurt you
    -sexist pigs

    F I V E T H I N G S Y O U D O E V E R Y D A Y

    things i do EVERY day? hmmm

    -brush my teeth and hair
    -talk to friends
    -have fun
    -watch tv

    O N E P E R S O N Y O U C O U L D S P E N D Y O U R L I F E W I T H F O R E V E R
    -either jeter or jimmy or keanu or clay

    A N 0 T H E R 0 N E
    [ pierce your nose or tongue ]-if i had to.. probobly my nose
    [ be serious or be funny ]-funny
    [ coke or pepsi ]-pepsi.. unless its VANILLA coke
    [ whole or skim milk ]-whole
    [ single or taken ]- up for grabs but id probobly rather be taken
    [ simple or complicated ]-i can be complicated
    [ law or anarchy ]- law.. unless im the quenn/princess!!
    [ flowers or angels ]-angels because they always help you down when you're felling blue ;)
    [ grey or gray ]-grey
    [ read or write ]-read.. its more relaxing
    [ color or black-and-white photos ]-black and white...they're way more artistic looking
    [ sunrise or sunset ]-sunrise.. start of a brand new day
    [ m&m's or skittles ]-m&m's
    [ rap or rock ]-depends but probobly rock
    [ stay up late or wake up late ]-stay up late
    [ tv or radio ]-tvv
    [ is it pop or soda ]-soda.
    [ x or o in tic-tac-toe ]-x.
    [ eat an apple or an orange ]-orange
    [ what came first the chicken or the egg ]-chicken
    [ hot or cold ]-hot in the shower, but cold in the weather
    [ dead or alive ]-alive
    [ tall members of the opposite sex or short ]-doesnt matter unless youre very shallow
    [ sun or moon ]-moon
    [ emerald or ruby]-lol depends what cast im in but im normally ruby
    [ left or right ]-right
    [ ten acquaintances or one best friend ]-one best friend
    [ vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream ]-chocolate
    [ high or drunk ]-woah neither but if i had to choose i suppose drunk
    [ green beans or carrots ]-green beans
    [ low fat or fat free ]-fat free cuz it normally tasts better
    [ what is your biggest fear in the world ]-i told you death!!
    [ kids or no kids ]-kids but just one or two
    [ cat or dog ]-a dog
    [ half empty or half full ]-half full
    [ mustard or ketchup ]-ketchup
    [ hard cover books or soft cover books ]-soft
    [ newspaper or magazine ]-magazine, preferably mad. but if its a newspaper, backstage weekly
    [ sandals or sneakers ]-sneakers
    [ wonder or amazement ]-wonder
    [ red car or white car ]-red.
    [ happy and poor or sad and rich ]-happy and poor.
    [ singing or dancing ]-singing
    [ hugging or kissing ]-kissing, its a deeper sign ofaffection
    [ corduroy or plaid ]-corduroy the bear!
    [ happy or sad ]- happy.
    [ purple or green ]-purple
    [ a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship ]-a lifetime of friendship.

    M O R E
    [ what's your full name ]-Caitlin :)
    [ what are your nicknames ]-too many
    [ how old are you ]-14
    [ when is your birthday ]-April 9, 1989
    [ how tall are you ]-5
    [ what color are your eyes ]-brown
    [ where were you born ]-tampa
    [ where do you live now ]-port jeff
    [ piercing ]-none
    [ tattoos ]-only fake
    [ do you get along with your parents ]-yep
    [ when is your bedtime ]-no time during the summer but during school, 9:00
    [ what size shoe are you ]-eight
    [ have you ever been arrested ]-no
    [ who's your role model ]-Audrey Hepburn or Bernadette Peters.. I can't decide
    [ what is the best thing you have done ]-for myself? made it into A Christmas Carol 4 times
    [ what type of shampoo/conditioner do you use ]-Dove and Bed Head
    [ do you have any pets ]-Sadly, none
    [ do you have any siblings ]-yup, Brendan!
    [ names ]-Brendan Duffy
    [ nationality ]-italian irish
    [ what is your astrological sign ]-Aries
    [ who is your best friend ]-either kellie jenna or eric

    W H I C H O F Y O U R F R I E N D S I S
    [ best looking ]-i dunno
    [ ugliest ]-i dunno
    [ loudest ]-ezgi
    [ quietest ]-nadya
    [ strangest ]-Jenna.. whith her happy dance and rap lol
    [ most insane ]-jenna! for the same reason lol
    [ most annoying ]- none they wouldnt be my friends if they were annoying!
    [ most lovable ]-all of 'em! Aw shucks, I luv you guys!! :::tear...:::
    [ favorite one(s) to be with ]-every single one!
    [ known the longest ]-kellie lol counting bears
    [ who do you go to with your problems ]-eric, cuz he normally agrees with me
    [ who comes to you with theirs ]-eric for the same reason
    [ who knows the most about you ]-eric cuz i give him the problems.. or mabye kellie cuz shes known me forever.. hmmm..
    [ where do you hang out with your friends ]-movies, my house, side yard, downtown, my pool
    [ how many of your friends do you trust ]-3
    [ how many have back-stabbed you ]-they arent my friends anymore.. 3
    [ name all the ones you trust ]-dont want to hurt anyones feelings but theres 3 of 'em!
    [ list the friends that you think you will always have ]-i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings
    [ important qualities in a friend ]-loyalty, funness, niceness, good listener and talker, interesting
    [ what's your best quality ]-probobly hmmm im interesting and i think im nice!!
    [ what's your worst quality ]-ummm i think i talk too much sumtimes
    [ what do you do best ]-act!
    [ what makes you cry ]- when arguments occur during me and my family/friends
    [ are you happy right now ]-yup! life is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-eat!
    [ what makes you happy ]- lol almost everything
    [ do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ]-no i told u im up for grabs!!
    [ do you have a crush ]- yeaaaaah
    [ describe their personality ]-kind... lol
    [ what about them makes you attracted to him/her ]-i dunno
    [ do you stalk them ]-lol no
    [ does your crush like you back ]- noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
    [ describe a perfect date ]-anything that would be fun
    [ how will it end ]-with a kiss.
    [ describe love in your own words ]- wasnt this a quetion before??? Geez.. this quiz is seriously cheesy!

    ok i hope SOMEONE out there read it!! If you did.. prove it to me type this in if you read it into the journal kellie and jenna should recognize it from today but wutever..


    lol yes im very paranoid

    ok bye!

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2003-07-14 22:03 (link)
i read your quizzes!!!!

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2003-07-15 07:08 (link)
i read 'em

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2003-07-15 20:44 (link)
ME 2!!

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2003-07-15 21:12 (link)
are u calling me shallow cuz i like taller members of the opposite sex??? i cannot help it if im taller than most of the boys in our grade so that, infact they would be... chest height, per se.....

but still. im not shalllow.. its a preference

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