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you can run but you can't hide (helter_skelter) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 17:40:00
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    Current mood:drained
    Current music:Cradle of Filth - Better to Reign in Hell

    Reviewing for midterms isn't fun, let's check out my progress:
    TV Media Tech: What's there to study?
    US History II: Done.
    Italian: Almost done, just a little bit left
    Chem: Almost done
    English: Didn't start yet
    Precal: Tried to study, test is going to be near fuck impossible, plan on cheating

    So that's fun?

    I had a few ideas last night, thought I'd write them down here incase I ever forget. I've been planning out my film's budget and pre-production stuff. You know how people always say to people who smoke "Imagine if you didn't smoke how much money you would have, think of what else you could be spending your money on." Well since I don't buy shit, I'm making a godamn movie with my money. I've got about $100 set aside right now, that might grow after I get my car and pay insurance, we'll see how much of my bank account I can use. My birthday is coming up, money from relatives. I thought about making copies and selling Alice. It could be the 'Buy Ryan's old film to support his new film fund.' I have come up with lots of means to save money without sacrificing quality. I have several sets to build, costumes to buy, weapons to make, but it all seems manageable. Over the summer I can make a good $200 a week, probably more, so I think I've got the budget under control. One thing I really hope works out because if it doesn't I am fucked, is the final battle scene I plan to shoot August/September. I need lots of people to show up, about 50. The more the better. Maybe if I have some kind of catch like come and pretend like you are in a medieval battle for a few hours then there is a party afterwards. Alice was shot over the school year and no one could drive yet, so it was very hard to get extras. Damn I have to make sure this film turns out good because I am actually spending money on this one. Alice had pretty much no budget at all. Okay so aside from money and budgets, I have also been planning what I am going to be spending this money on. Of course I am going to revise the fuck out of the script once it is complete. Once I feel that I have a good draft, I'll invite some people over, hopefully the actors, and we'll do a script reading session. Just read through the script, try to act it out and move around a little, we'll see how it goes. But basically the goal of that is to make sure everything flows and the diologue is natural. After the revisions from the script reading session, I think that would be my final draft and production can begin. With any luck that will be somewhere between spring break and summer vacation. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I plan on checking out the actors at Shawnee and Cherokee as well. There aren't very many lead roles in this but the ones that are must be good actors. I've got this vision in my head of how the film is going to look, I hope it turns out the way.

    Good, typing that out got it off my mind. I don't want to be taking a midterm and zone out and be thinking about that shit. One week from now and my midterms and SATs will be all over with and I can get back to having some fun.

    I love you.


    Scratch that budget talk. I thought the thousands of dollars I had in the bank was for something important but my mom said that's my spending cash. Budget is taken care of baby!!!!!!!!!

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2004-01-18 22:11 (link)
Hey. cool music. Better to reign in hell is an awesome song. just checking out your blurty.



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