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Cassandra (hellokitty69) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 16:42:00
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    Friday, friday friday. i'm so sick of the summer now anyways. All I have is my sister bitching at me to take her places. but on a good note I have a blessing from my dad to refused her. ^^

    then my fucking mom wants me to get a job. Sorry, I really do not have the time with my schedule for next year. Let's see, first of all I'm in Band. that's going to eat all my fucking free time I had for other things. I really don't need the money, I'm fine where I'm at...broke as a joke. but if my mom wants me to get a job, she can tell me to my fucking face instead of telling my bratty snotty selfish bitch ass sister. Aye!

    yep yep. no word on Chris. I saw his friend at Dairy Queen. wow, even he knows I exist. and the world still doesn't make sense.

    but I'm happy for now, only two more freaking days with my sister then she goes to Myrtle beach with her friend for a week! Yay a week of freedom!! :)

    I need something to do now, nonetheless.

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2003-06-20 18:25 (link)
eh your summer will get better ^^ just go to the movies and chill and pick up some guys. as for the job i suggest you get it you can make a shitload of money.

do this: run around naked and masturbate
i dont know.
think of something to do
that would be doing something
or sleep

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2003-06-21 12:23 (link)
haha LMAO. thanks!

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2003-06-20 23:06 (link)
AW. I guess your mommy only wants you to get a job so you wouldn't be bored sitting home all summer.

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2003-06-21 12:24 (link)
hmm maybe! :)

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2003-06-21 14:55 (link)
isn't it odd how people always wish summer was here during the school year, and then they get bored of summer and want school to start when it finally comes? I hope your break gets better though. Have fun! :)

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2003-06-24 21:55 (link)
well i hope ur summer gets better! i am in band too but anyways i dont want a job either but i might have to get one! just leaving

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