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Cassandra (hellokitty69) wrote,
@ 2003-04-13 18:19:00
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    Current music:Legally Blonde

    well a much better entry for this sunday.
    --thanks to all who gave me words of care/encouragement! I love you all!!--
    I really don't know what to think. I spent the weekend with my friends and I had a great time with them. I was honestly happy I guess school makes me become vulnerable to sad/mad feelings. that's why i really hate it. I hate the people that I'm surrounded by, talking about who they fucked, when they got their nails/hair done, and blah. I really don't fit in. If the school is blue, I am definitely RED.

    i'm so sick of being jipped out of an education. I'm sick of all the preppy bitches and the sex addict jocks who get a rise out of making fun of people. and I'm FUCKING tired of Band. I'm sick of all the brownosers..and mr coffing. he makes me so sick. always glaring at me just because I don't act like i'm stuck up his ass to get what i want in band. Damn, i guess whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger, ie high school.

    anyways, I'm going to ENJOY my sunday and watch Legally Blonde.

    My hope?
    Now playing: somewhere out there by our lady peace

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2003-04-13 19:28 (link)
im glad you are feeling a LITTLE better. im getting a little sick of all the preppy people and "sex addict jocks" oh wait.. thats my boyfriend. lol. :D

legally blonde.

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Re: :D
2003-04-14 13:09 (link)
aww poor you!! lol

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2003-04-15 09:46 (link)
aww glad ur feelin happy

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2003-04-15 22:18 (link)
heyy i guess i wud say im a prep but like i dont make fun of ppl cuz idk i just thinks its mean..unless they are like a good friend and know im kiddin, but sum of my friends r j so mean i dont understand it and i hate when they act stuck up, it just makes me so mad >:o

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