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*Casey* (hell0world) wrote,
@ 2003-03-02 19:34:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:anywhere you go-???hmm.. was such a low blow..

    I accomplished 2 things: waking up and doing my writing sem.-ugh...all i did all freaking day was think..
    i was online but most the time my a/m was up..because either no1 was on, or i was thinking...many things have me thinking today...I'm not going to list them but one thing has been on my mind for like a week now. Every time I turn around I'm either thinking about it or talking to someone about it and its not working. I think i need to actuall talk to the person its about...well about it!...i really like this new journal because none of my friends know about it and that fine with me, b/c it makes it more private. Now, im not saying that im gunna bash them or nething bc they dont know about it, it's just a place where i can escape to, to just vent my feelings.

    humph...I'm in depression mode and I'm not liking it. But so far today I talked to Courtney for a while and she made me feel better....ugh tomorrow is the 1st track practice..i don't want to go feeling like this..but i dont think anythings going to change oevrnight...

    I think I' just gunna go and watch the time go by hoping that my special *Someone* will come online.
    now, no1 knows who this is and thats a terrific thing....

    Au revior?!?!..

    <3 Case....

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