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michelle (heartxsoulxcore) wrote,
@ 2004-10-25 13:40:00
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    sometimes i wish i had differen't friends, my friends are cool and nice and always there for me, but sometimes they just don't like doing the stuff i do,
    or their just to depressed for me.
    i had a group of friends when i was in highschool, that i used to party with, because they were the kind of people that had parties, and had fun. blah blah blah etc....
    i miss them, i likes hanging out with them, because sometimes i just feel like like going to a party and having fun.
    sometimes my friends are just so blah.. like they love making drama, or some of the things they do, i don't like.

    but their still my friends and i still love them to death, and love hanging out with them..
    i would just love to have friends that party more, and know the right people again,,, like i did in highschool.

    i guess i just have to sit and wait to see what happenes in college.. it's only my first year, maybe i will make new friends and get invited to parties.. because i miss it.

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