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.Wears Heart On Sleeve. (heartsandhotels) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 01:35:00
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    Current mood:Sad
    Current music:Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes

    In maybe forever land.
    In maybe forever land I fell in love. And when I saw you for three straight days my heart grew wings, flew from my chest and fluttered around your head. And when I left on that fateful day, I hugged you, and kissed you. I held you close to my body, breathing in your scent and loving every single second of it. But when I got in my car and drove away my heart stayed with you, two hours away, and right now I'm dying.

    That was spur of the moment, however, it's how I feel right now. I went up north to Alicia's cottage and stayed with her for three days and it was like the best three days ever. But now I'm back home and I won't see her for ten days. It always makes me feel like crying when I think about how I won't see her until forever. Oi.

    So on Sunday I woke up at about 10:30, got ready and went and picked up Alicia's brother's (Bob) friend named Kurt. I know Kurt, so anyway. We began our journey up to Torch Lake, approximately 2 hours away, maybe a bit more. We got there a little later than that but it's becuase my car sucks. And finally I saw my girlfriend, man was I feeling electrified. So we went swimming. Then somebody threw shampoo waaaaaay out in the water so I went and retrieved it then felt sort of sea sick. We went and played tennis later and basically just hung out. The next morning everybody got up early to ski but I was the party pooper and just sat around. We lounged the entire day, played tennis again, swam lots. Next day, I woke up and tried knee boarding and skiing. I failed at both attempts really, but what can you do. Went kayaking, hung out at the sand bar. Went to the mall, and Borders. I bought Cursive - The Ugly Organ and The Postal Service - Give Up. Both cds are excellent. Then I bought Alicia's youngest siblings some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (Harry Potter, fools) because they couldn't go with us. Then we checked out this old insane asylum and this crazy tree. Makes me wish I would've taken my camera, but didn't, silly me. This morning I woke up about quarter to nine. Everybody went skiing except Alicia, Raymond, and myself. We were all pretty tired. Alicia and I went tubing about midday and I showed them all how much of a bad ass I was on the tube. Everybody went and saw Pirates of the Carribean but I choose to leave. I sort of wanted to go but I wasn't feeling to swell.

    On the way home we decided to take a different route home. Bad idea, it took like an extra hour and I got stuck in more construction, boulderdash.

    Lounged around, showered, then went to Joe's house. Everybody was playing Who's Line Is It Anyway, but I didn't participate. I started reading his copy of Salinger's Nine Stories and ended up boring that and two other books. I'll start reading them tomorrow.

    We're supposed to have band practice tomorrow but Ryan can't make it. He said getting words down is one of the most important pieces right now, but it's impossible to do so if we don't practice anyway, Twatty McTwatTwat.

    Ugh. Pity me, I miss my lady friend.

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2003-07-10 02:11 (link)
aren't there supposed to be some insanely disgusting flavors in there?

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2003-07-10 10:19 (link)
Yes, like Vomit, Ear Wax, Booger, Grass, and Sardines. But many of the other flavors are good.

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