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ang (heartchu) wrote,
@ 2004-11-10 09:20:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:the killers

    i <3 vh1 soul
    my day off from work yesterday was awesome.

    i bought a new fish named "and my name is rocky" - said in finnish accent.
    went grocery shopping and made a cake for the first time ever.
    made dinner for alex and i, spaghetti and garlic bread
    watched degrassi: next with amyboo

    p.s. does anyone remember that old show called flash forward with becca and tucker... it was on disney for awhile back in the day... i wish it was sitll on. also i thought of that old show on disney about two bffs lizzy and amanda. lizzy was the tomboy italian friend who liked the ramones and amanda who was super white and jewish girl who like hair and makeup??? does anyone remember it... oh well.

    later adam, joey, matt, and amyboo (came back over) and we all hung out and watched the real world and laguna beach. goooooood times.

    alright it's time for school, a test, then work-a-lurk. what what.

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2004-11-11 14:18 (link)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "and my name is ROCKY!!!!" What a great name for the fish! HaAHA ps. I can't believe we still joke about that! I think we laughed at that the entire way to the Mariner's game when it happened.
OH SHOOT... and if you get another fish, you should name it "and what is YOOOUR name?" said in a Jamison voice. OR you could get a starfish, and name it, "I'm a STAAAAR now".

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