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devistated<3 (he1p_wanted) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 23:04:00
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    Current mood:awake
    Current music:freak tatu. ::jumps::

    summer is over, bummer. man get me a hummer. HEY THAT RHYMES. ;o)
    I so cant sleep. Well, I havent really tried, I just got off with the "beautifuls" ::total blonde accent:: Haha, that was great. Yeah, none of us can really sleep, I dont know why, this isnt a big deal. I just had too much soda and jumping around to much today. I thought it was gunna be a lazy day but I g u e s s n o t. That was a total Meghan thing. Excellent.

    Well, today I went to staples and got some crap, cause I could not find a good binder that I accually liked, so we went there and I bought a backpack and crap. I wanted to get this image maker program and crap sp I could start building my sites and crap, you know make some money. BUT NO!! Dude, my mom is a bitch, I had money to buy it, but she just was weird. So we spend some odd dollers on 'her software' that she absolutly needed. I was pissed, Like no other.
    This accually isnt a half bad week. Been kinda happy ever since I met Linds, she is so sweet. We started dating on the 12th, she asked me out, and it was a freak accident thing, she like put no thought into it. It was adorable, so yeah we are dating. We are going to the movies this weekend to see Freddy vs Jason, or American Wedding, I dont know yet. She will get to meet the girls, I really hope they like her, cause I really really like her. ::crosses fingers::
    I think I'm going to bed, I have ranted enough. I'm gunna go laydown and listen to some freak marilyn manson. Sweet. Peace, and I will totally give everyone an accual update about skool. Peace. ::mwah::

    <3 you Linds. I call you that until I think of another name, Kitty makes me think of pussy, dont get me wrong, that is a great thing to think about. But. No. Lol. <3 ::Kisses::

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