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Jackie (hazelangel) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 00:21:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:conan o'brian ending his tv show:)

    SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My weekend sucked ass, well so I thought it would, Friday I went to school then I went to drama then I went to basketball and then I went home, for ten minutes, and went to WORK. Came home slept. Saturday, yes COULD have been good I mean come on practice was canceled because of the snow, but so wasn’t everyone else... stayed home saddening, but I cleaned my room. Sunday, well I thought for SURE this day would suck, I was going to have to go to church and then go to CCD with Millis when there was a WAY BETTER Medway party. PHONE RINGS, NO CCD!! WHOOOP WHOOOP!!! I was excited and thinking hey probably no church too, well maybe in Millis but Medway, they didn’t want to stop the whole faith thing for a tiny two and a half feet of snow... so went to church came home. TALKED TO ALI!!! She very excitedly told me how Jessi's mother, whom I love very much, found out we HAD NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY DUE TO A SNOW DAY! I love side walks, anyway...I invited Ali over! and I wanted her to come to the youth center but she couldn’t, so I was worried about going alone considering SAM BAILLOTTA decided to NOT go...well Matty told me I could chill with him and that’s cool but I don’t really know him or his friends.... anyway I was talking to the coolest kid ever, MATTY! and he’s like I just got boots, I hadn’t taken mine off and I was like OMG r u serious, we both have boots we can be twins!! so I’m like go find a red and orange sweater and blue jeans, QUICK! So Matty's like I have jeans on and a black and gray sweater! So we were twins. Oh god so I get there and I’m like uhhhh I know NO ONE and I all see Sam’s tag on the table and I was like about to pick it up and tear it up while screaming WAY TO DITCH ME. but it wasn’t that bad, you see I walked over to the table where you drop off your offerings (clutish isn’t it? it was for a pregnancy help benefit thinger) and I saw ELEZABETH some girl who is friends with Lauren who I drove home one day. And how I was talking with them sort of not really, I get kind of shy when I am out of my element, but THEN MATTY CAME! oh yes and he put his boots next to mine and was like BOOTS and I was like BOOOTSS and gave him a high five and then he started talking to everyone else and I was like trying to follow but that was kind of hard cuz Matty started breaking out in a DANCE, btw Matty is the best! lol he was all dancing and making squeaky noises with his boots so I had to join, but then he had to mingle so he left but it made me feel more comfortable and I started talking to Elizabeth so we hung out like the whole night. She’s blind like me so we were walking away from her friends and I was like umm your walking away from your friends and she was obviously oblivious and I was like ummmmmm that way and was pointing it took like 5 minutes to get her to realize we were on the wrong side of this HUMUNGUS room...So we continue praying and such, you know all that boring stuff. Then we played a game. The priest, who was in the process of freezing us to death (he doesn’t know how to work a thermostat and therefore put on the AC), told us to split up into two groups boys and girls. He sent all the boys to the center of the room had the girls make a tape circle around them and the girls were to pull them out, oh lord…before he even started it was like one small mosh-pit….there were like 50 of them but still they were little…anyway we finally played and when it was the girls turn I latched arms with Elizabeth and she pulled me out I was like noooo why!?!! And after we had cake it was good we skipped the line cuz we were sneaky then we went to the bathroom and it was SO warm in there oh my god it was amazing. I actually could feel my hands when I was in there! Yup so then we prayed more and we left it was grand, I just went for the cake. Got into the car with my Madre and we picked up Ali! So much fun there aren’t even words to describe the awesomeness of Ali! So she came over and we ate, then we played life and I got bored sp we played some random game Lindsey gave me and u had to figure out the proverbs…oh man it was funny stuff like “Its hard to get a stick of butter out of….?” “…your underwear?” “no but very close, the correct answer is…a dogs mouth…” you know stuff like “I will see you next Tuesday unless…..the bridge breaks” or something off like that… well once we got bored with that we sat there listening to music and chatting about random things then TV then we slept. THEN I WOKE UP! Well Ali being the procrastinator that she is didn’t do her chemistry project yet so she had to go home and do it. So I made plans with Anne and Lauren to go see Honey and then come over. Well Anne got very ill with a soar thorough and her mom was also down with a infirmity so Lauren and I went to the movies! We had fun then Lauren came over and we sat there and watched passions and I did my hair insanely and we did the make up of dolls online, like and such, we are so cool, and then ANDREW CAME ONLINE! And I spoke with him for an hour :) it was exciting. Then Average hoe came on and JASON WON! OMG I was rooting for him since he came on the show, such a cutie!!! Then I cleaned my room again and now its 1 am and I am finaly finishing this entry an hour later…what a weekend.


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