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Hazel (hazel_t) wrote,
@ 2003-04-15 11:47:00
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    Current mood:shiny, happy people and slowly getting hungry

    I feel perky XD

    I changed the comments on my journal, customized them and added my very own little strawberry icon to the links. Meanwhile, the moodtheme is taking longer (of course, as all animated things do), but I've made quite a few of them already. The trick is trying not to make them too plain.

    Working in 16 x 16 pixels is fun!

    Now, I am not feeling quite so deep in thought today, so this entry will end right here. :)

    P.S. I added a small fat orange to my friends list today. Although now I think she's gone and turned into a frog instead. o.o

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2003-04-19 10:19 (link)
wow your blurty looks really cool.

how do you make your own background?

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2003-04-26 03:05 (link)
Thanks! :)

There's a tutorial in the Blurty FAQs which you can find here, and it'll teach you how to add a background to your Blurty :D.

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2003-04-26 09:10 (link)
thanks, i just tried to do stuff. it looks much better than just plain white now. but not as good as yours. it must take lots of patience and practice.

what other stuff can you do?

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2003-04-20 13:00 (link)
That little strawberry is too cute!
I hope you don't mind me asking, and it's fine if you say no, but would it be ok if I used that strawberry for my comments links also (instead of where the heart is now)? It's match my journal perfectly. I'd give you credit :-) It'd be awesome if I could :-D
♥ Love, Lifehouse & Strawberries ♥

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2003-04-26 03:00 (link)
Sure! Just make sure you save it to a different place and not link directly to the image. I think my ISP is frowning at me since I seem to be abusing my account's bandwith!! XD

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2003-04-26 06:51 (link)
*lol* sure I was gonna do that anyway, I can upload it on my college account. Don't think I have a bandwidth limit there. Thanks :-)

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2003-04-20 17:43 (link)
Hello I was wondering if I can ask you a question about your bat moodicons you made.

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2003-04-26 03:00 (link)
Fire away :)

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2003-04-20 22:17 (link)
This is the best looking journal I have seen since I've been here at Blurty (although I admit that hasn't been long)! It's sweet and simple, yet cute and not boring at all. Not distracting. I like it.

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2003-04-26 03:03 (link)
Awww why thank you! I like simple designs so I tend to use them a lot.

Your user icon is pretty nifty too :)

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