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Piao^yun (haymie) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 23:02:00
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    doinkz. =/

    for the past two days, i had been terribly alone. haix. =/ nothing unusual actually since i am so anti-social and dao. besides that, i got the peace that i wanted but i am just whining because it was all too peaceful out of a sudden. think maybe i will go for a movie alone tomorrow? sounds like a great idea. nobody ask me out anyway, so erm.. perhaps i should just do it. i miss my friends sia. all of them are either schooling/working/none-of-the-above-but-still-uncontactable. especially ws. she seemed to be disappeared into thin air. o.O and i am left alone there, feeling so unbest. then erm.. dont know what's with me or with the world. either my handphone is not working or my friends' handphones are dead or they just cant be bothered/dont really care/simply refuse to talk to me or i dont know. i smsed the whole world but erm.. i dont seem to get my replies at all. fated to be alone? maybe. haix. ... ... ... =X

    anyway, yesterday, one recruitment agency called me, so i went down for interview. it was so amazing because i actually managed to get to the place myself. it was the ulu paradiz centre. -wow- didnt lose my way though i cant find the entrance to the lift lobby. then after that, i wanted to grab some food but somehow since i was alone, i didnt buy any food. then, erm.. just went home and stoned. nothing much.

    for today, really kinda of a bad day. when i thought that all my bad days were gone and i could look forwards to good ones, people called me up to tell me a bad news. haix. well, it was kinda of a shock because i didnt expect that it will happen. and it seemed to me that i was very much at fault. because of me being inexperienced, slow, and whatever, the contract was just gone like that. and the worst thing was i think i tarnished the reputation of someone whom i highly respected. he was quite upset and he got that 'wu nai' look hanging on his face and that kind of tone when he spoke to me. -omg- i am a sinner. i really feel like burning the school down.. or rather just the people there. so erm.. how? even if i apologised 10 thousand times, i cant help but feel that it's all my fault. =X

    so today, i went out for the robinsons expo sale interview. during the waiting time, there was this guy besides me who kept looking around. then i caught him looking at me, then i smiled at him. then we started talking. erm.. alright guy. but erm.. dont know. my first impression of him is only okie. by the way, i think i got the job. but still need some confirmation. let's wait for the good news. and yar, after that, i chionged all the way back to bp. bought fish dippers on the way and gobbled them up on the way to bp. was super hungry. when i reached bp, turned out that sir just happened to go out of the house. -wow- he did returned then erm, he taught me some techniques. then erm, i was feeling so guility and apologetic and .. sir is just so nice. he didnt scold or what, he just shrugged. =/

    then i came home. stoned. online-ed. then just now i came to know of something that is quite shocking. seemed that i always get shocks every now and then.. anyway, heard that my aunt is going to divorce my uncle. erm.. she seemed very determined. well, maybe i am not in a position to comment, but erm, i feels that maybe they should both try to salvage the situation, especially since they have children. should always place the children in the first place. that's what i would do if i am in this situation.. but, i dont think i will ever get married in the first place and even if i do.. CHOY! who would want to divorce sia? =X

    shall go -zzz-. =)

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2004-04-07 20:07 (link)
divorced owaes cum as a shock to pple outside...but within d sure it is well expected...-rab

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2004-05-06 15:52 (link)
since like i'm not the only one who hasn't been updating...!

*pokes* Minzzzz. Updaaateee.

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2004-05-07 05:32 (link)
i updated.. but not in here. it's in my OD. coz tis blurty has some kind of problem, cant update.. so i m back in OD. =)

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2004-06-02 23:06 (link)
you miss me out in ur 'whole world' min! =P
anyways, when someone is down, all the suay thing will start happening to the person de.. so this is just.. lets see, a phase? haa.. just walk thru it bravely arz.. =)
think of smsing me next time k? ^^ hee.. teng

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2004-06-02 23:28 (link)
hha.. i noe and i realise~
but then, my comp lags so much.. that its taking 10yrs to load fod manz! haha.. so no choice.. hee
or u want to copy and paste here? =P teng

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