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Piao^yun (haymie) wrote,
@ 2004-04-01 20:29:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Liang Jing Ru - Zuo tian

    jobless again.
    doinkz. these past few days were really shitty for me. so much shitty that i dont even know where to start complaining. ... ... ... =X

    well, after that very tough day on tuesday, yesterday wasnt any better. it was my last day of work at kkh and it really suxs. coincidentally, it happened that tons of people came to visit patients during these last few days of screening. how shitty. and yesterday, i got scolded/yelled at/screamed at by some unreasonable visitors who were unhappy about the guidelines. and what the shit, i am not at fault. i am not those who set those guidelines. anyway, i was pretty sick yesterday. had flu and sore throat. so terrible that i was voice-less yesterday morning. =/ and i sneezed pretty much too.

    then, taitai came to fetch me from work. and we somehow trashed out to each other both the unhappiness that we were both facing now. i am well-known for being good-tempered and the fact that i was so damned bloody angry at a same person for 2 days consecutively was so amazing. in fact until now, i am still abit angry. and i am so amazed that i can be so angry that i have no appetite to eat anything. so i skipped yesterday's lunch and dinner and today's breakfast. -wow-.. so i spent my time with taitai after work at mos to complain/console/ each other. cant believe that i am so upset/angry/infuriated/feeling unbest/unhappy/sad until i was actually too numb to talk.

    then after 4plus, we took a cab to jalan besar stadium. we are ursherers for the soccer match. -wow- my partner was someone who just came out from ns, planning to further his studies aboard next year and he live just in front of BPGHS, and he complained that our band is too loud. jan is his name. a rather nice guy. anyway, i did nothing at all yesterday. didnt really ursher, people just came to me to ask some directions. and after that when the match started, i got free dinner and drinks [i didnt touch them at all].. and i spent my time watching the match. it was interesting i should say, first time at live for a soccer match. was cheering for the lions! =) anyway, felt like chopping the hands of those japanese who made the jeering signs at the lions. i was feeling very unbest all day, and that made me even more pissed off and i shouted "ka pei la!" at them. =X another thing to comment, the referree was damned kayu! *Argh*..

    after that, went home with taitai. then reached home, wanted to update last night, but in the end, kumar called so i went offline to call kumar back. chatted with him, told him the current unhappiness that i was facing. and after talking to him, i realised why i was so pissed off/angry/feeling unbest/sad/upset/unhappy for the past days. haix. was feeling alot better now. so what should i do? stone and do nothing about it? just dont understand something. am i the one being dumb or what? *argh*..

    then today, went to the shop in the morning. just feeling sucky as usual. plus i was sick and tired, i went off after 2 hours of work there. -wow- cant believe i actually did that. anyway, ran several errands and came home. finally ate lunch. that was like the only food i had since yesterday morning. then slept for some time. still feeling super tired. think maybe i am going to sleep early tonight. tatax. hope tomorrow will be a better day. and i feel like having a haircut~.. =/

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2004-04-01 10:26 (link)
tag =p

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