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nic.otine (hated) wrote,
@ 2008-05-30 20:02:00
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    new playlist
    my new playlists
    for my crap cd player that won't read mp3 discs

    [1] - when i'm sixty-four by the beatles
    [2] - hey now by augustana
    [3] - don't panic by coldplay
    [4] - go down easy by dan fogelberg
    [5] - good morning, hypocrite by electric president
    [6] - rangers by a fine frenzy
    [7] - the world has turned and left me here by weezer
    [8] - float by flogging molly
    [9] - falling slowly by the frames
    [10] - over my head (cable car) by the fray
    [11] - shh by frou frou
    [12] - the waiting line by zero 7
    [13] - watermark by the weakerthans
    [14] - the only living boy in new york by iron and wine
    [15] - i'll take everything by james blunt
    [16] - backyard by madd caddies
    [17] - winding road by bonnie somerville
    [18] - shame by matchbox twenty
    [19] - kelsey by metro station
    [20] - such great heights by the postal service
    [21] - science vs romance by rilo kiley
    [22] - run to you by the rocket summer
    [23] - caring is creepy by the shins
    [24] - new slang by the shins
    [25] - i want to save you by something corporate
    [26] - lebanese blondes by thievery corporation
    [27] - as the cold rain falls by tiger army
    [28] - blood on your hands by the living end
    [29] - this is real by motion city soundtrack
    [30] - vultures by five iron frenzy
    [31] - january by ravens and chimes
    [32] - between a man and a woman by flogging molly
    [33] - let go by frou frou

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2008-06-17 00:01 (link)
Hey bb. So they've let me on for a couple minutes and the first person I wanted to get into contact with was you but alas you were not on aim. =( I miss you loads! I hate being in this stupid, cold, white building without you to talk to. My mom says they might let me out soon depending on how much weight I've gained and how my eating habits have improved then I can talk to you again!!!! Ilysm! Some of the girls are waiting to chat with their boyfriends and best friends and what not, and since you are not on I will get off early so they could have more time. Ily and hope to talk to you real soon. I really hope things are well with you. You're on my mind constantly.

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2008-10-10 15:54 (link)
totally random person here, but you have a great music taste. i love metro station, the rocket summer and motion city soundtrack :)

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