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One Happy Wife (happywife) wrote,
@ 2005-09-25 23:37:00
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    Introduction for everyone
    Well I have decided to start a blog of sorts. I watch television and I see despair, divorce, all sorts of heart ache stories. I wanted to start this so that people that look for hapiness can find it here. Even if it is just for a small fragment of their day, week, year or life.

    You should know I am totally in love with my husband. One small song on the radio can remind me of that. One glimpse at his picture and my heart and stomach get all giddy. His voice makes my whole morning when I hear it either in person or on the phone.

    We have seven children. Now isn't that a joy! You can bet your last dime it is. Never a dull moment and if one of them is mad at you, you still have six that are still thinking you are good.

    We are active in our church. Not as active as we would like to be. But one thing we are learning is the more active we are and the more we "go to Heavenly Father in prayer" the happier we can be.

    Okay maybe that is enough for now. One more thing before I go. Although I may "vent" at times. You can be sure that the only reason I get frustrated is because I have let my husband down or feel I have, I love him and life with him. Every marriage as difficulties, that is how we grow. If everything is always easy, we learn nothing. We become "trees in a bio-dome, they never feel wind and never build a resistance to it so when they get too tall they just break". Without resistance you gain no strength.

    We wish you all the love that we have. Everyone deserves to be loved like I love my husband.

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