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hannah (hansxo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 17:23:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:talking to bri and julz <33

    " hey slickster ! " - bri
    heyy !! it`s my first entry in here .. yay ! here`s the updates about my weekend :

    FRIDAY :
    i went to the movies and met up with chris. we had a very ... interesting time together .. hahh ! i got home around twelve and just chilled until about two and went to bed.

    i was woken up by chris calling my cell phone, and talked to him on the phone for a while. then, i went to redbank with my mom and went shopping at backward glances and the bee`s knees. i got a shirt, bag, earrings, hand-mirror, and a belt. cute !

    i did absolutly nothing at all today. i was so tired .. i didn`t really feel like making plans. i`m still tired hahh ! i`m going to shop rite to pick up my film in a little bit .. woohoo i can`t wait to see the pics !!

    wow .. so i just found out that on wednesday, i`m going to philly to pick up julz and bring her here to see everyone ! got that tyler ?! hahh good times. i miss everyone in philly so much. shouts to yahh all !! well .. i`m going to go get ready to leave now .. bye bye xoxx

    <3 hannah

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2004-01-21 15:34 (link)
hannah new blurty what ever happened to the other one ?

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2004-01-22 15:51 (link)
hahahahaha sooooo true

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