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HaNnaH lEa <3 (han_dawg07) wrote,
@ 2005-08-03 17:33:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:wannabe - spice girls!

    well hey. i'm just sitting around my house so i changed the look a little and thought i'd write about some stuff going on with me. well, life's been grrrreat. i'm sooo happy with kenny. its so nice it FINALLY have a good boyfriend. the only bad thing going on right now is that i got my car taken away cuz i failed my drug test...uh-oh :( haha. but that'll blow over and everything will be back to normal soon enough. i leave for CANCUN in 5 days!!! yayyy! im so excited. i've been working at Femina Fitness and Dance. it's this really cool work out place. ughh i dont want to school to start!! im sure it wont be bad once i get back into the swing of things... but i lovveeee summer! so so so much. oh well... hopefully my classes are good and everything. well thats all for me.. just a little quick update. love ya !!!

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2005-08-05 02:07 (link)
girlfriend! i dont think ive ever commented.... butt im bored as hell. haha you got DRUG tested???? wtf hahahhaha are ur parents crazay! ooh well. im jealous you getta go to cancun. but i know you'll send me a postcard... hopefully w/ a picture of mrs. schneiderman's pony tail! ah man i love it... alright peace out homet brahh... we gotta watch that.. u said you'd make copies of that tape. and im gonna hold you to it! mk? itd be a wonderful... random present. cuz ya know i get you presents alll the time alrighty chicka... love always, monica ann

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2005-08-07 19:56 (link)
oh monica... when have you EVER given me a random present? haha. ill miss ya when im gone.. we're leaving tomm morning!! yay!!

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