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HaNnaH lEa <3 (han_dawg07) wrote,
@ 2005-01-30 17:20:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:dashboard

    got lots ta say.. :)
    well.. ive been quite busy.. lets see..

    on thursday me and audrey went to the heelan/east wrestling meet. it was soooo fun. i saw kenny.. it was kinda weird. but no one told us it was parents night so we chilled in nellys office for awhile.. and had some long conversations with gary.. he wanted us to be his cheerleaders for his dodgeball? team. haha. but then afterwards i went to la juas with chris brett and nick. then went home.. and then next morning i had to go to school early for a "math test" with chris.. we had some fun before school... thanks to danny. haha. then had school.. nothing to fun. then friday night i had people over at my house. it was fun.. there were a lot of people. the homeless man that lives in the woods in my backyard came out and brock was chucking rocks at him. it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. haha i think we scared him off. oh yeah.. and danny came early and played his guitar for me.. he was sooo good. it was so fun. i loooovvve guitar soo much.

    so thennn saturday woke up and had to get packed for des monies where me mollie and dana were going to for the weekend to see my brother and the UNI game.. but we ended up just chilling at the hotel and having tons o fun. we had out own room. whcih kicked ass. and then got the exorcist (which is soooo good/scary!) and another movie.. hahahaha. good times. we went swimming with my cousins and my little cousin started DROWNING and mollie jumped in and saved her! it was the coolest thing ever. by the time i realized what was happening mollie already had her out of the water. haha. and dana is training to be a lifeguard.. geesh. haha jk. but it was so scary. and we went to the vending machines and had some fun there. oh yeah.. and in the elevators. haha. so my SYCO parents thought we somehow got beer in the hotel room? so they were like all worried. haha. but we didnt even have any or anything. so we stayed up late talking.. and got up this morning and went ta church and out to perkins. then headed home and slept the whole way. now im here talking to joey and i found out he isnt coming back next weekend.. so im sad :( but oh well. well. i had a fun weekend. dont wanna go to school tomm.. ugh. oh yeah.. catholic schools week.. haha. whoopty doo! lol.

    later ya'll

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2005-02-07 12:59 (link)

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2005-02-25 23:56 (link)
you know it.

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