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HaNnaH lEa <3 (han_dawg07) wrote,
@ 2005-01-11 16:21:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:make me shake<3

    make me shake....
    well blah. it really pisses me off how NOBODY comments.. and a lot of people read it.. sooo screw you all. ha. but i still continue to write in it.. ooo well... anyyyways...

    heelan vs. east game at the tyson center. it was fun except we lost by one point so we were all pisssed! but i saw a whole bunch of people i hadnt seen in awhile soo it was fun. then afterwards me, stacy, reyna, mollie, and tillo all cramed into paul's car to go to pat's house ((his car is reallllly small too.)) so we couldnt get out of the parking lot.. so we thought it was cuz there was too much weight or soemthing.. and we kept trying to get out.. and finally some nice guy knocked on the window and was like "umm.. is your emergency brake on?" well yes it was! nice one paul. haha. it was a little enbarrassing. but we finally got out and went to pat's. there were a lot of people there... it was fun. thennnn i just went home and went to bed.

    umm.. i cant remember what i did saturday during the day.. but that night we all went to "white noise" but it was sold out at the 7o'clock show so we just chilled at my house for a couple hours till the 9o'clock. and my baby KEEGEN was there!!! haha it was sooo fun. we all watched the "mickey mouse christmas" movie.. his favoirte. haha. awwhh i love that boy. thenn we went to the movie.. it was scccary. then i just came home and was on the phone for awhile.. then just to bed...

    church.. lunch with dylan and erin... nap.. phone.. thats all :)

    so that was my weekend.. nothing too special. tonight i think i might go to 4season with cacie.. otherwise i dont know.. i gotta take notes for damn semester tests! ugh.. better get to it..

    <33 Hannnnnah

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1st lunch buddies
2005-01-11 22:22 (link)
yo yo han dawg.. haha sorry i never comment. One of my new years' resolutions will be to comment more! haha Well i looove reading your blurty bc im always super bored and i am a loser so i have nothign to do. so keep updating! hehe. I cannot believe we're halfway through the year.. its kinda scary taht were gunna be juniors nex year!! ahh oh well.. we're closer to summer. hehe okay im outta here man, see ya at school <33 emma. oh yeah i went to four seasons tonight. you and cacie shouldacome i was bored! haha

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Re: 1st lunch buddies
2005-01-12 17:35 (link)
hey hannie. jus commenting so you dont kill yourslef over all this. haha

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Re: 1st lunch buddies
2005-01-12 18:19 (link)
love you ♥

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Re: 1st lunch buddies
2005-01-12 18:12 (link)
haha sorry we didnt go to four seasons!!
too badd, we coulda chilled. haha
thanks for commenting babe!! ♥

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2005-01-13 22:25 (link)

well im still tryin to figure out how to add ppl, when i find out ill tell u and then youll be added 4 sure


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