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Amber (halah) wrote,
@ 2003-05-26 19:18:00
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    Current mood:accomplished
    Current music:Oh So Quiet-Bjork, Time To Party-Fulanito

    just when i think it can't get worse....
    things start looking up.
    I don't have that much time right now, but this weekend was exactly what I needed to say the least.
    Saturday, drove to Pittsburgh for my cousin Ronnie's wedding. Got pretty wasted. Had fun. He looked so handsome :) and I like his new wife a lot. It was just a great time. Except for the end, but even that doesn't seem to matter anymore.
    That night Kristina called me and we talked. Found out what's been going on w/ everyone and I feel kinda bitchy for not being a better friend. But, everything is cleared up and we made plans to go to Vic's on Sunday night because they'd be open that night because of Memorial Day on Monday.
    Thank GOD we went. Mg and his boys were there. We all talked. I at first was coy w/ MG but then I got kinda drunk and brave. On the dance floor, I walked up to MG and hit him with my ass. We did that back and forth for a bit and it was fun. Then I wound up talking to another guy I know, and I danced with him and MG got very very jealous Kris said. So, when the slow songs came on, I grabbed MG and we danced and talked. I told him where I work in the evenings and turns out he works one street over and is looking for another job. So I told him about what I do and he wanted me to hook him up w/ that company so I said I would. So, I got his # and also asked if I called him not pertaining to the job, would he kill me. He said, "yeah, Amber, I'd really kill you". It was wonderful. DUDE. I GOT MG'S PHONE NUMBER!!!!!! Is this registering with anyone else???? I mean, if he didn't want me to use it he'd have told me that he didn't have a phone or something-even if he was interested in the job. DUDE. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID IT!!!!!!!! When I woke up this morning I had to go look in my purse to make sure it was even there. It is and it was. I just can't believe I did it. I'm going to call him tomorrow. Tonight I am just chillin. Recovering from a weekend of drinking. I am just still a bit in shock of myself. IF ONLY I'D DONE THIS SOONER!! IT WAS SO EASY!! Now I'm just hoping that nothing bad happens to ruin my joy and all. :):):)
    I am smiling all over the place.
    I didn't think about F at all last night.
    What was funny is Kris and I hadn't been there long and MG's friends all came in, but he wasn't there so at first I was a bit bummed. 5 minutes later, he came in and I got all giggly b/c he's just so freakin cute. I didn't kiss him at all, as tempting as it was and is. But that's probably a good thing because while we were dancing I was talking to him and finding some stuff out about him. Dude. I'm really happy right now. I needed that night. It was also funny b/c early on Kris kept telling me to dance with him and I was doing my normal no no's. Then I just did it. I should learn to just DO things from now on. Good lesson.
    On a different note, Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces is hot. Really hot. My friend found a thing about him from the internet and he was asked if he could take anything on a deserted island with him, what would he take. He said "anyone named Amber". Rock the hell on!!
    Anyways, I'm out. I've gotta go get gas and I'm gonna go to the lake I think. Life is good again :)

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2003-06-04 11:42 (link)
sounds like a fantastic weekend
*hugs you*
it's good that things are looking up

hows things going with MG?

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