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mel (hadlovedandlost) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 21:04:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:veruca salt, volcano girls.

    everythings so blurry.
    yesterday i went to anthony's, it was a party. we totally watched scooby doo and the tuxedo.. Twice! and orange county. hah, fun fun. then we had the zipper thing going on, we are def retards.

    went to sam's today, we were home alone and it was godly. all i have to say is "lesbians? lesbians! lesbians!"
    "wanna go look at greg's naked ladies?" "YEAH! let's go.".. "were gonna be burping alot." "won't that be kinda rude while they're playing?" hahaha. "BABY!!!!!!" yeah, oh man oh man, i love times with sam.

    then we went to the band practice or whatever you wanna call it, major spiffy-ness. since we got crammed into a car me and sam had time for a quickie. hahaha, or we didn't. i guess there a pretty good band. yeah. i think georgie is mad at me though, 'cause yeah i didn't go to campies. ah, sorry georgie. don't be mad :(. anthony walked me home, that was nice, but i felt super bad since he had to walk to campies alone :( anthony is super nice and a super boyfriend and i love him a whole lot. x a zillion million. <3 <3

    yep. that's how it goes down in glendizzle.

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2003-10-08 11:29 (link)
glendora sucks

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