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Ashley (gymboree123) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 13:35:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:stacy's mom- BEST SONG EVER!!!

    last night...then today so far
    hi...last night i asked lemon again and he said no cuz im 'not his type'. he was the 1st guy that i ever cried about...ever. then me and sinan and my mom went to a haunted cornmaze and i cried again cuz i was scared and the chainsaw dude was gonna get me!!! i pushed my mom into the corn cuz i was so scared and a peice of corn went up her nose. finally we got out after like 2 million chainsaw ppl. lol. then i wanted to come to grammas house for the night, dont ask why, so i did and i fell asleep at like 2 in the morning. now im at grammas and im talking to austin and tammy. sometimes austin can make me sooo sad. tammy said...and u are too good for anyone that stupid. she makes me feel so happy!! lol im gonna go.

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I am stupid...
2003-10-25 19:48 (link)
Tammy is supposed to be my friend, but how am I supposed to be her friend when she calls me stupid. I am sorry for making you all sad, but, by 'not my type' I meant "I don't like you anymore." As I explained, I used to like you a lot, but now I don't, so, I didn't know how to say it yesterday and I kind of lied. Hehehe...oh well...

By the way, your mom sounds like a douche product, LOL...

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