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Heather PALMER (gwhsbitch) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 13:34:00
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    Current mood: flirty

    I don't know what to do!
    What the hell this weekend confused me.

    Ok my mom had this party and everyone was there and she wouldn't let me drink so her boyfriends brother hes like 19 or 20 and he's really hott Ive known him for like 3 years he's cool, well he kept giving me drinks and he was high and drunk.

    He saved a bottle of cyclone for me and him so when my mom went to bed we would take a walk so he was standing there and after I drank some he was like let me get a taste of that and I gave him the bottle and he just looked at me and I was like uhm ok then we were walking in the trailor park and he was like would you be offened if I asked you to kiss me? and I was like no I want to but thats just gonna be weird and blah blah so whatever and we went back to the house and we were laying on the floor and stuff...he has a girlfriend.

    The next day when he left my mom was like how come you and him went for a walk last night and you were gone for like an hour and I was like i dunno leave me alone and she was like what did you do with him and I looked at her and walked away. She annoys me.

    I'm supposed to do something with katie today. I dl a new ringtone for my phone the other night and people at the party were answering my phone and katie when you called he answered the first time and he was like oh I bet it's a guy I wanna know his name and he can't call you again. AHAHAH you number was blocked because in my phone book it's shortie:)

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2003-08-14 10:56 (link)
hey i was just wondering, how did you get the letters linking to posts to glow like that ?(the "give AAR fanmail" one) Also, I have the same icon as you lol! and one more things, is there a code to make the screen fade in and out like that when i go to a different sight after yours? Please just post in my blurty for a response, thanks :) *~Melanie~*

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Re: html
2003-08-14 16:57 (link)
I have no frigen ida my friend made it her user name is nomoreregrest her thingy is on my user page

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2003-08-15 20:58 (link)
you should of got wit him palmer!!
haha aww how cute lol wuv ya!


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2003-08-15 21:53 (link)

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