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the first song on your mix tape (gusterbabe88) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 17:00:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:HIM-Right Here In My Arms back..
    i took 2 months off from writing in this. i thought it would help me calm down a bit. soo here it goes we go way back to august. me n brian went out.. it lasted a few weeks until we got to the taste and after he left on friday i started hanging around w/ justin. i feel completely for him. awesome guy. i decided to dump brian and then saturday night. i hung out w/ brian n we were acting like we were going out i dunno i think it felt awesome. but then we started going out then on sunday i was with justin all day. ya ignored brian soo e just ended it. Schoool Started.. its going increbily well. i'm finally happy w/ my teachers except my syco l.arts teacher but my science teacher loves dmb n phish n its fun. me n brian have stayed friends. hes in a few classes n we have fun in science w/ him. rob n beckie. me n justin are really close. i stopped liking him and just are friends. we talk alot n corrie-nicole, renee, liz, n tif. all wanna meet him lol. dance is aweosme this year. w/ jazz on tuesday w. all the girls! then staright from dance i got to leaders and have a fun time there. wednesday production n tap. pretty fun. corrie, tif n i. have a TON of fun on our break. haha goodtimes ladies! n thursday sr. lyrical. n ballet. ahhh. its funn sometimes i get stressed when i cant do something but im working harder than ever. brian fell for lauren they've been going out for a while untill she decideded to dump him. sooo one day i decdied to kcik frig in the nuts over something he told josh about me. it was only a joke. n then all of a sudden tinnelle's like tara u just didnt do that, dont u touch frig. what does she own him now? right jenny. haha. and then kayla's like ya lauren u coudl kcik her ass the only thing shes got against u is shes fat. ya.. that mean. n then alex was joking n he called me a whore when i walked by him. n then i went to talk to jenny who was near tinnelle. i was like jenny they called me a whore n tinnelle goes "you are" and then goes "i love you jenny, ya ONLY you" and jenny's like that wicked mean to me. and then today she IMed me over dana's house going "i hate u. u nasty bitch ((something like that, not really sure what)) and if u touch frig again. ill kcik yer ass. bye bitch" i've never done anything and i dont get why things get put on me.i dunno. jenny's been their lately more than anyone. sometimes i dunno what id ever do without her. after me n suzy got in the huge fight i decdied i didnt wanna go to the gc concert w/ her.then when we were at leaders interviews suzy was talking about the concert n i asked if i could go again. and shes like ya. but now she claims she said i dunnol. after i gave her my money a long time ago. so we got in a big fight over that. and now i guess shes going w/ katie reardon n katie invited katlin laudo. soo ya. ok. realy coooool. soo im not going. im getting my money back. im extremly pissed. and i havent told my mom. cant wait to hear what she says...i've missed my ash n rach n jess soo much! even though i see rach n jess every tuesday its not the same! i dunno. i never see ash. n i miss her to death. we're just go busy and differnt shcoools is hard... and i miss all my other freshman! my secret tiwn. miss ya to death!!!! lately ive felt soo alone. i think ive lost sont realyl close friends and thats the hardest thing im trying to understand. what i did. i never did anything.. well one good thing is dan. yes we are liek madly obsessed w/ each other says age. lol i miss him soo soo mcuh. n i was gonna go see him on friday except i was sick. n still am! :o( but we likes each other an incredible amount and i dunno i wish i was at north w/ him. im soo tired of south these days.. i miss age, jess, erin, stina, matt, cole..dan.. all the north people i see them at dances but i dunno i just miss the hell outta them! these days..ive been missing jon. i no 3 1/2 hours away no biggie but it feels like i havent seen him in soo long when in realtity i just saw him a few weeks ago... he had front row at guster in syracuse. thanks to me. and my guster show rocked! back to massachusetts! ;-) wow i love them.. they do rock my world!! well im gonna go try to get a lil better no shcoool tomorrow! woooo! party!! haha

    .Not much of this makes sense to me-Guster.

    <3 Tara*

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