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benjo (guitarjunky) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 17:32:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:dead poetic-bliss tearing eyes

    nothing just plain all nothing
    dude today i woke up around 2-3 cuz marc woke me up he cam over saying get up were ganna go to bk and buy some food but he is such a cheapo.....but anyways tthey started doing som fucking boy scout shit trying to cook a reicipeeses or however u speel it(but its like m&m but its the..well you know wat iam trying to say....dude i started getting pissed when they made a mess and didnt clean it up...but i got over it....anyways zack just left...and we are thinking about going to the pool tommorow..........but for now its laterdays

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2003-06-21 05:02 (link)
You are just mad becuase you are not ennavative enough to be in the Scouts and cook the Recees Peices.

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2003-08-16 03:13 (link)
damn right im a cheapo. Only to zack and ben i would never spend a dime on any off them. If this bitches had a job they find out how hard is it to make some money, but i mostly buy things for ben since he has help me out in past times, who else would loan me a hunded dollas only ben.Ben is cool though he can take burns pretty good for example the valetinesday burn im sure he would tell you someday. So thats i have to comment wait the last thing zack was burning things in the room first i joined in cus i dunoo im retarded and i never seen a recees melt.

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