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Savanna Banana (guitarchicka) wrote,
@ 2004-03-05 23:21:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Get Me To The Church On Time

    Opening Night
    I just got back from our first real was good! I was in the first few parts, then me and some others watched Freddie VS Jason backstage. The dumb preps were blasting Spice Girls and Britney Spears pissed me off so I went to the boy's dressing room and played vid games until Get Me TO The Church On Time started. We were all really nervous cuz at the matines the number didn't go over too well...Tonight we got a standing ovation before we were even done! People were whistling and was so great. When we went backstage again, we all wanted to stay on stage and do an oncore..everyone was so siked up. At curtain call I got mashed between some girl and Jessi, but I laughed it off. A girl tripped on the stairs tho and I felt sorry for her.

    Everyone sed the play was great, and I can't wait till tomorrow's sold out preformance!

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2004-03-06 01:12 (link)
hey hey heyy savvy! you are 100% correct about those damn preps blasting that "making my ears bleed" music.. how can they listen to it? but when we blasted Butterface all of them were like "uhh what is this?"...what idiots... and when we put "feeling this" on all the preppy girls were sunndely SO HARDCORE and saying OMG BLINK182 WOW WOW THIS IS THE ONLY BLINK182 SONG I KNOW I'M SO PUNK! they're a disgrace to the community...what communit do you ask? i really dont know, well they wouldnt let us watch Freddy Vs. Jason because of the loudness..what bitches. anyway the show was great(i think) and yes i did see that girl trip, aww *shrugs*
its like 1 AM, i'm tired so i'm going to bed...see you tomorrow and hope you,me,raj,jessi, and jorf get to have our movie sleepover thing after the performence tomorrow night! ttyl

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Its all about the bass
2004-03-07 09:21 (link)
Play was great, But its all about the B-A-S-S. Jules

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