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~*~DaNieLa~*~ (guijarra) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 21:15:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:*Clink Clank* - Fingers on Board

    Blah... what to say?!
    Today has been a long day... after hitting my snooze about a billion times, i finally got up and that's where/when the hell began... it's not that today was bad, but... it just wasn't spectacular... ya know? Domonique made some brownie cupcakes for Sarah San's b-day and i have to say that they were superb... OoOh, so yeah...
    So i walked in the house from picking up the pizza (we had pizza hut for dinner) and the phone rings, so i answer. it's privacy manager and i'm like shit, now caller id has THIS privacy manager, which i like to keep it on the last one, cuz that's usually marvin... WeLl, marvin called twice yesterday so i was expecting a telemarketer, but when i accepted, it was him. i always told him that if he needed to vent, to call me, and so that's what he was doing. i was super nervous though cuz i thought something bad happened and stuff... well... it kinda did, but... he's not in the hole or anything (at least not yet) so... things are ok. some guy was starting shit though and i was like, baby... just calm down, i love you and behave cuz i wanna kiss you when i come see you on saturday!
    Hrm... Paige comes home tonight! woo hoo! so she called me a little bit ago from the airport in denver. their flight was delayed, so... she was kinda upset. i miss her SO much... i love my paige! Friday night was HORRIBLE and i blame it completely on her absence. i love my paige and couldn't imagine what life would be like without her in it everyday... wait, i know, very, er, EXTREMELY dull... she's the best.
    HrM... saturday was eventful. first i went out with mimi, we saw "Dickie Roberts: former child star" and it was great (as it was the time i saw it with paige days previous) and then after taking her home i picked up sarah san and went to dinner at Omega, proceeded to Target and ended up at the Ridge to see "the School of Rock"... very entertaining... it is at this movie that i've seen sarah san show more emotion for a movie than every before. it was great... i'm glad she could have such a good time, and with me no doubt!
    Today in homebase was hilarious. ok, it was me, sarah san, kelly, harpreet, dominique, java, katie... and i think that was it... yes, that was all and we were just talking, well then me and sarah san bust out with some inside joke of ours and we both start LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! then everyone else was like, "ahh... ok?" LoL it was great. Then i was saying how harpreet is great cuz she doesn't like this one person that i don't like and sarah san whispered something to harpreet and harpreet was like, "SARAH KNOWS!" LoL... sarah's so in the mix of things... she knows it all! it's great, cuz me and paige will start cracking up about something and then sarah will laugh along and she really knows what's going on... seriously, everyone else (and their mamas) will have no idea, but sarah san will TOTALLY understand... it's a wonderful thing... really it is.
    Dude, some of the "Music" i listen to isn't music, but it would make some kick ass band names, ya know? Ok, so maybe not all of them, but some of them. like with the *Chomp Chomp* and Gum... that's great... BUT if i had a band, i would have to name it burnt sienna.... that's a fact.
    So john has a livejournal which is totally weird for me, just cuz i know all these people who have them, but they're people like me, ya know? and john is, well... not? idk, but yeah, i'm mentioned. i feel special, i have a small cameo in the film that is his life... special! i like when people talk about me... in a good way at least.
    OoOh, so then Salazar, after school i'm walking out with kelly, cuz i was taking him to denny's *cuz he's never seen one before* and then home and salazar was like, lemme talk to you, so i was like, ok, and she took me down this hall away from my kelly... i was like, "ok?!" and i was scared. well then all she wanted to say was that i came off as a bitch at the Senior Parent Meeting or whatever... ok?! i don't care. if people think i'm a bitch, then they know the true me and the only things that i was saying were what everyone else believed, but i'm the only one with the balls to voice it. i hate that, like, i don't care what people think of me personally, i really don't, but it bothers me that everyone bitches, but then when it comes down to it, says nothing... arg! i snapped on Mr. Johnson today too and he probably thinks negatively of me, but... whatever. when he left the room, everyone was talking shit, but the minute he walked back in, SILENCE, and that's not lie, ask carissa... bogus shit dude... and then I'M the one who's the bitch just cuz i put my money where my mouth is, cuz i'm not a pussy and i'll say what needs to be said... bull shit... that's all i have to say. and what's up with salazar saying this NOW?! the meeting was like, 2 weeks ago, C'MON! WHATEVER
    OK, so now that i'm angry, i'm going off to bed... no, i probably won't go for another 15 minutes just to see if kelly comes on... holy crap! that is SO creepy! AS i was typing that, seriously, in the middle of the sentence, my alert popped up saying he had just come online... weird yo... weird! but yes, i'm leaving blurty now... will right again when i feel like it... peace out homies

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ohh thank you
2004-03-14 01:52 (link)
thank you for the shout out i ko i just read this one noe like a year later and yeah but thanks.i hop eu r doing ok and lease just take ur time to think things through with ur life and what it is worht to u to ur mom to ur siblings to me t paige to marvin tojaime..the list goes on

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