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Brian (guevaracommie) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 05:30:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Popeye- Block in the back

    it sucks that i have to start a whole new journal because some stupid person had to fuck up my other one but anyway... today SUCKED... i slept all day and felt like a crackhead after a long night of dust and e but what should i have expected right? so i think life might take a steep trip downhill if i keep doin all this crap to myself and im messin up my last year of high school... maybe livin on my own isnt such a good idea... i dont think surrounding myself with dropouts and druggies will really improve my situation... either i have to be more responsible or go back to ppl tellin me what to do again... i dont know what to do

    so last night it started at about 9. me and m decided to sniff some pills- red mercedes (or peace sign?)- and go over lizzies bc she just got back from ny. then everyone thought about how to get to asylum for scream but i guess we decided it wasnt worth the $40 so we got dusted instead which wasnt such a good idea... i felt great at the time but now i feel like my head is gonna implode and i feel like crap... (ingrid- do u have any seritonin i can borrow? =P) after that everyone else wanted to roll so we drove around CT lookin for e at 3 in the mornin... then michelle went in vibe for someone with pills when i realized how pathetic we really were bc we all looked like fuckin drug addicts... after many unsuccessful attempts we went back to lizzies where nevie was passed out on the bed and ken was about to rip out pyros eyes bc he punched him in the face and ran away like the punkass he is... thats when i decided it was time to lay down and get some rest for my interview at illuminations which was in like 2 hrs... so i layed with matt in emys room while steve was next to the bed and erica ingrid and emy slept on the bed... i didnt get any sleep and erica brought me at like 9:15 to the mall and i came home and went to sleep untill like 10 pm... then ingrid came over and we went to emys boy, greg, house where we all did our homework like the great students we r =)... then me and emy comtimplated whether or not we were gonna get suspened for our 8+ absences, which i really DONT care. then i cam eback here and talked to michelle for a while and now its almost time for me to go to school... i wish i could talk to ppl but since im just about nocturnal no bobies ever online this late... i better fix that before i like die of sleep deprivation... whatever.. maybe ill feel better after school...

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