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steven (gtjackets1729) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 23:29:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:finch- untitled

    I can tell that you don't know me anymore, It's easy to forget, sometimes we just forget
    today was alright...i got up (wow, what a surprise) and continued reading a farewell to arms, my summer reading book...its not a terrible book but it doesnt exactly capture my attention..dont think any book has ever done that nor will any book ever do that, just one of those things...its about some american fighting in the italian army against the austrians in WWI and he meets some woman and so far, out of the 150 pages that ive read at least 100 of them are talking about their relationship, and most of the time its random stuff like once they were talking to some doctor and the guy blurts out oh i love u catherine, he replys ohhhhh i love u more than ever and it continues on for oh..lets say the next FIFTY pages...ahhhhh....cant take it...but in between all the looovveee its an alright book...
    i still need a job, im gonna to go to chickfila tomorrow and hopefully they'll at least look at me...the 20 previous places ive been to have been like nnooo we are not looking to hire anyone at the moment..sorry..
    in order to get a car i need a job and i want a car before school starts so it looks like im soon gonna be begging people to hire me...but that can wait until im totally desparate...
    went to target today, saw leah there, to bad she was talking to someone cause i havent talked to her in forever, so i was gonna try and find her when i was leaving but didnt see her anywhere..oh well, maybe some other time...i got the finch cd at target, wanted to get the yellowcard one but couldnt find im gonna burn it...i guess thats what u get when dont have my cd in the store..u lose my 15 bucks..ha..take that dumb store and dumb company...
    yellowcard is awesome, i didnt really know about them til allie told me to dl one of their songs...its probably the only song ive liked of hers but it introduced me to an awesome thank ya...
    soccer practice tonight..pretty one ever shows up, the coach wasnt even there this we scrimmaged 4v4 the whole time, i was going in for a diving header and scrapped, scraped, whatever, my back pretty bad but itll get better...
    mm..lets think..nope no more boring stuff to talk about so i guess that means im done

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2003-08-05 13:18 (link)
whatre you talkin about!? all my music is amazing, including yellowcard. but ya, theyre cool. hahah i coulda gotten you a job. too late now though...

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