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Noelle (grunge_chic308) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 17:39:00
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    Current mood:same as before
    Current music:same as before

    I went to cristy's last night and her momma took us shopping... I got a black cabbie hat, a lil boys' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt, and some pins and patches. I dunno when Lauren's coming over. Who knows if she'll make it over here this summer at all ): she needs to get better. Anyway, it was nice staying the night at cristy's again, we watched requiem for a dream... omg dudes... I swear to god I'm never gonna do drugs.... coke, heroin, anything heavy like that.... never dude... no shit.... anyway we went outside after that and chain smoked... heehee it made my tummy feel better.... then we tried to watch Punch Druck Love, but we were both so fuckin tired... so we slept instead... but yeah, today we went to like her family reunion thing... it was crazy... so yeah, now I'm home. And now I'm done typing in this for a while.

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2003-08-11 12:42 (link)
Hey, lovely. What goes on? Glad you had fun with your Christy! :) I'm bored. Daren hasn't called me yet...dunno if I'll go to Canterbury or not...we'll see. Well, obviously, you'll know before you even read this. Silly girl. RAWR! I'm kind of hyper...caffeine...bad? I dunno...we'll see. hehe...meow. Leave me a note in my blurty or de da de da. Love you! I'm off now... muah ha ha...

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NOW I read it!
2003-08-11 14:04 (link)
So NOW I read the comment you left me in my journal! Well, I updated it all and stuff, so it's lovely, so, yeah. BE HAPPY!!! Muah ha ha. TAG, YOU'RE IT!

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