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* ; --> EMiLY (greggyg0tback) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 13:54:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:nothing

    ok well yesterday was sooooo much funn!! i was with my brother, his girlfriend nikki, big dan, doug, and nikki's little sister sam. big dan is my brothers friend and doug is big dans brother. ok we went to this hill and its huge and we went sledding there and it got boring so we tied our sleds to the back of dougs truck and i got on the one sled and nikki got on the other one and they drove us in this huge field and they were driving like 70-80 miles an houR! it was so awesome! one time i fell off and i was just rolling on the ground and it was cool. and big dan was sitting on the back of the truck and was holding the rope and he pulled and the rope snapped and nikki was on the sled and the rope broke and it was funny lol.

    yea and then we all went to nikki's grandmoms house and had dinner. my brother and nikki went to their house and me and sam stayed at her grandmoms. me and sam just went online and wathced tv and then we went to bed at like 12. and today i got up at 9 cuz i had to go to church, boring. and then we went to sams house and went online and played with her toys lol and then we ate lunch and now im here on the computer. bored as hellll
    and im waiting for chel to send me her pics.

    ok and is everyone like switching to greatest journal or something? well whatever.

    comment <3

    xo em

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2003-12-07 20:24 (link)
hey em ... sounds like you had fun ;D i'm not much of a snow person myself so i spent my weekend holed up in the house and complaining about the snow lol.

*not switching to greatest journal*

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2003-12-11 13:44 (link)
lol yea i dont really like snow either but yea i decided to go out in the snowwww lol alright good that your not switching to greatest journallllll
xo eM*

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2003-12-08 15:15 (link)

you should move to greatest journal.

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2003-12-11 13:45 (link)
yea but whyy is everyone going to greatest journal? and i dont feel like making a whole new journalllllll! lol
xo eM*

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2003-12-14 21:17 (link)
lol bc blurty is bein an ass and its too slow.. i just made you a user name

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