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* ; --> EMiLY (greggyg0tback) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 17:41:00
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    Current mood:touched
    Current music:me against the music - britney & madonna

    ok well all i have to say is that i go out with like the hottest guy in my school jimmy! oh yea!

    ok well anyways this is what i did this weekend..

    ok well i had no school and i think i hung out with felicia because some shit went on with my i packed all my stuff and stayed at felicias for awhile. and so after that i think we just went to her house and chilled. it was boring. yea then we went to bed.

    ok well we got up and had breakfast and went online and shit and then we got dressed and shit and then around 7 we decided we wanna go skating so we get ready and my dad (ugh) comes to pick us up and we go and there was this really hotttt boy there! his name was angelou or something like that and yea hes madd hott! and so we just hung out with my friend steph from my old school. it was fun. and then when it was time to leave this boy josh comes up to me and asks me for my number and my screen name (this was all before i went out with jimmy) and so i gave it to him. and we went home and at like 11 he called me and yea he's not really that hot but oh well. and then we just talked for a little bit. and then around 1230-1 we went to bed.

    ok well this was like the bestday ever! ok me and felicia went to the mall and we me bryce (felicias boyfriend) jimmy <3 and bobby there. we just walk around the mall and then they went outside and we went into claires and i saw my friend lori there and i havent seen her in soooo long! and i saw her and her mom there and she was getting her cartilige peirced and so we went out and walked to the food court and then i saw two of my other friends that i havent seen in awhilee! katie and kristen. and they were with this kid louis from my school and some other boy from their school. and so we all went back to claires and talked to lori and watched her get her ear pierced and yea and then we left and we walked around and then all the boys came and they didnt know where we were so bryce called my cell and asked and we were in the arcade and so they came in and we all chilled and then we went outside and we started to walking to bryce's house and it was soooooo cold!! i was like an ice cube! lol and then we all went to bryce's house and we all chilled and then jimmy asked me out and i said yes! and then we all walked to the park and jimmy had his arm around and his hand was in my pocket on my buttt! woo! lol and then we got to the park and chilled and then i made out with jimmy! it was so great because you have no idea how much i liked him! and it was like a dream come true! hehe and then after that me and felicia went for a walk and we saw bryce's mom driving down the street and she told us to get in the car and she went to go pick up all the boys and then we waited outside for bryce's dad to take us to the movies. then we went to the movies and we saw the matrix or something like that and it was long as helllllll! and it was so stupid! i like slept through it! haha and i was sitting with jimmy and yea and then the movie FINALLY ended and bryce's dad took me and felicia to her house and yea and then we just went online and then went to bed.

    ok well me and felicia had to get up 10 because we were going on this hike thing that is 5 MILES long! and we have to walk it. it was sorta a long ride and i didnt feel so good when we got there. and i layed down on the bench in the place and then i went to the bathroom and i threw up. thats how sick i felt. and then felicia's dad was walking the thing and she called him and told him i threw up and he came back and we went home and when i got home i didnt feel good and i threw up agian! i was soooo sick! and then we just went online and chilled and then i had to go back to my house and when i went home i went online and went to bedd!

    comment me!


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2003-11-10 19:37 (link)
wooooo em SCORED!! congrats =D at least someone around here is getting some action, lol xo

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2003-11-11 15:06 (link)
haha oh yea! ttyl i love youu! <33
xo em

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2003-11-10 20:53 (link)
niceee!! yeah same as what lauren said.. at least someone's gettin some action around here

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2003-11-11 15:08 (link)
haha yes very niice! hehe! ttyl i love youu! <33
xo em

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2003-11-10 22:52 (link)
is this the jimmy guy, you have been liking since forever. well congrats.. good luck with him

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2003-11-11 15:10 (link)
haha yes he is the boy ive liked since forever! ha thanks! ttyl i love you! <33
xo em

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2003-11-14 22:24 (link)
aww thats so cute. good luck =) xoxox

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