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* ; --> EMiLY (greggyg0tback) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 11:59:00
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    Current mood:gloomy
    Current music:nothing

    woo long time no write eh?
    im so sorry i havent updated! i havent been home for sooo long! some shit with my parents went on and i stayed at my friends house and her internet doesnt work soo yea! this isnt gonna be a long update.

    on halloween me felicia and deena went out as hoes. haha and we got a lot of candy and then the most scariest thing that happened that night was when we were all just walking and this huge group of like 20 black boys walk by us and they look at us and then we walk a little bit and then you hear them scream "lets jet!" and we turned around and they are all chasing us and then we just ran and we went in the woods and then deena knocked on some ladies house and she let us is and we stayed there for a little bit and then her husband chased them awaay and the lady got the cops to patrol that area. it was soo scary! i was like crying! and another thing is we didnt do shit to them. maybe because we are white? i dont know

    ok well thats about itt i'll update about something more important later on!


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2003-11-06 15:36 (link)
emily as a ho. um, not too far from the truth. hahahahha noooooo i'm just kidding =x that was scary though ... i would have done the same thing if people were chasing me like that. i'm very glad you're safe.

where are you sitting for 11/29? i'm fc row b seat 9.

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2003-11-10 18:18 (link)
haha im no ho! haha yes it was very scary! i was scared to death! yea chel told you where i sit! =) ttyl <33
xo em

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2003-11-06 16:48 (link)
LOL I CAN JUST IMAGINE 20 BLACK KIDS CHASING YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS LOL. THATS SO WEIRD. i'd be scared as shit, well thats good you went to some ladys house lol.

oh and lauren ; emilys seats are section LC, 2nd row. shes right behind dana and melissa lol

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2003-11-10 18:22 (link)
hahahaha i knooww! i was like about to shit myself i was so scared!! yea im glad that lady was nice! lol ttyl <33
xo em

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2003-11-06 18:16 (link)
omg that's so scary..
good thing those people
let you in! <3 jac

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2003-11-10 18:29 (link)
ahh i knoww! haha yea i know! ttyl <33
xo em

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2003-11-07 20:44 (link)
aww!! ethnic ( black lol ) people these days. thats mad scary!!!!!! thats cool that a lady let you inside her house. lol im glad you made it out alive trooper! ahahaha you guys were hoes..nothing out of the ordinary


im just messing lol

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2003-11-10 18:34 (link)
haha ethnic people! yea i know they are all mad scary and ick! haha i know im glad she was nice! haha trooper! alyssa! im no ho! haha i love youu!! <33 ttyl
xo em

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