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Stephanie (greenxfishnets) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 19:18:00
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    this is gay.
    to get this piece of crap started off, im just going to list the list of random crap that i love, from my AOL personal page. and here you are:

    music, sexy people, body mods, hair dye, weird people, my chucks, marilyn monroe, bettie page, my dickies, stars, tattoos, boys, anything green, pictures, yearbooks, dance, getting free shit, shows, pigtails, multi-colored mohawks, tanktops, the rocky horror picture show, ghost world, pinup chicks, the internet, weird patterned clothes, black nail polish, fight club, being random, laughing, orange juice, fruit, water, mustangs (vintage man, not all this modern shit), trucks, fast cars, leather pants (not on me), combat boots, surgical steel, stickers that say cool things, chocolate, sharpies, pants, yer mom, sleeping, spooning/cuddling with special someones, laid back people who just like to chill, ice cream, lighters, guitars, drums, kneelength socks, easy money, whores, nudity, skateboarding related shit, a good stiff drink (or three or four or five), porn, things that pleasantly surprise me, fishnets, giggling, history, gum, peeing, dvd's, flipflops, driving, the simpsons, cars, cd burners, rap, berkeley, hippies who sell stuff at cheap prices, flashing the double horned bull to piss people off/weird people out, burping like a truck driver, skipping, dipping my feet in cold water, people who know when to shut up, candy, glitter, eyeliner, sexy languages (spanish, russian, italian, french, etc.), black hair, finding $20 in the ass pocket of my pants, jamba juice, painting, reading, getting snail mail, scaring avrilites with my growling, band people, sarcasm without insult, posters, maturity, equality, exploiting assholes, sleeping on the floor, invader zim, eeyore, tape, flippin the bird, putting shit on my walls, jelly beans, shoelaces with cool crap on them, spacing out, foreign films, dogs, garter belts, sex, pens, good smelling perfume/sprays, thongs, black lingerie, platform shoes, my straight edge bangs, dweebs, nerds, sexy chick celebrities, crucifixes, erasers, kissing (and/or making out), doodling on crap, sleepovers, preaching about the nastiness of cigarettes (ugh), silence, noise, vintage stuff, hair spray, cartoons, manbeaters, hooker boots, chain wallets, lip gloss, glass bottles, candles, bananas, patches, cam whores, alcohol paraphanaelia (yeah i know i didnt spell that right... shut your face hole), people i can identify with, reality tv shows (dont ask i have no idea), cutting my own hair, shouldertapping, catalogues, tissue, hawaii, clubbing, the beach, sand up my butt (ok im lying), stuffed animals from boys..........

    wheeeewwwwwww thats all i can squeeze out of my noggin for now. if any of you read all of that, shit... i applaud you. *hands you cookie*

    this is making me bored already. byebye.

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