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BrEtt (greeneminems) wrote,
@ 2003-03-03 18:22:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:No music...again...

    another day....
    Everyday is interesting with me huh? Well today ws goin all smooth and shit no one was sayin shit to me but then of course people starting harassing me...whats their malfuntion? well me and emily have just been makin icons and trying to submit them to imbum but imbum is a bitch today for some reason so i dunno...i had to go out today and check out cars cause we gotta rent one to drive to IOWA cause we gotta bring a ton of shit back, and it turns out we're gettin a chevy trailblazer...those r pretty cool i'm watchin rugrats....yea thats how bored i am its pretty sad huh?and i have just found out my great g-ma that died left me $3,000 for college so that kicks ass i was wondering how i was ever gonna get the money like i'd have to get a job or somethingand now i'm watching will and grace...this show is scary so i'll talk to ya later...
    ~From the mind of BrEtt

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