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Marybeth (greatestfallxo) wrote,
@ 2004-02-14 20:56:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Tune out, the format

    Yup, so its valentines day.

    I dont understand today. If you loved someone, you would want to tell them everyday. What is today supposed to be? A day for couples to go out to eat? It's kinda pointless cuz everyone does it and then u have to wait for 5 years to get food. i think today would be a day to do something unique and memorable. heh..i keep thinking of random date ideas. I wish i had a special someone. I cant wait until i meet him. I've planned so many fun things that i wanna do..i just cant wait. On this subject...i liked this guy a couple weeks ago...and he liked me..but we didnt even really know each other. As i got to know him, i realized that i didn't like him enough to want to stay together forever...and right now with like 3 months of school would be pointless to have another average relationship. I tried to be nice to him, but hes been really mean about it. why do I bother? we never acted like we were going out...he never asked me out..i said that we would just together until we get comfortable enough to have an actual official relationship....and we never got to that point. So..I just read this thing in his journal..and he turned the whole thing into a satire..i guess he was trying to be funny. it wasn't. Maybe thats why i dont get comedy. I hate it when other people try to make themselves look funny by making other people look bad. I guess it all has to do with how much creativity you have. Maybe i should be burned at the stake cuz i didn't fall in love with him. Atleast i was honest and told him when i stopped liking him. But, I "obviously lied"..even though i was being totally honest. Owell..somewhere out there..there is the perfect guy, who won't do that. I hope he's a rock star...that would be amazing..but one of those sensitive..yet funny/strange. ooo im so excited..i wish i could just see what my life would be like in 10 years. Hey, Every day that another day closer!

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2004-02-17 21:06 (link)
You know...I never really thought about it from your point of view...:( Marybeth, I'm really sorry... I don't quite know what to say. I'm not sure if I posted it to you or not, but I didn't mean to be so mean about it. It's just that it hit me all at once, and I wasn't ready for it. I didn't really respond to it much, and I guess I just unleashed a bunch of bad stuff in my journal. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay sorry. I realize I was being a jerk about it, and I guess you really did like me, or you wouldn't have really taken the time to even talk about it. I can't believe I acted like that...and I wasn't trying to be funny in my I said, I was just feeling a whole bunch of stuff all at once, and I guess it just came out wrong.

So, please forgive me....and...maybe you'll talk to me again? And we can be friends again? Even if you decide not to, I have the right to be mad. I would just like things to be back to the way it used to be...if that's possible...:'( <---not satire

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Re: ...
2004-02-21 17:32 (link)
Thanks :o) It's all good!

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